Episode 9 – Corn Fritters


We all have that one food we can’t possible eat, from Brussels sprouts to ox tongue. For Tim Smith, it’s creamed corn. So this month, he wracked his brain and came up with Camp Kitchen Corn Fritters. Try it and be pleasantly surprised.


  • One can of creamed corn
  • One can of corn kernels
  • A good pinch of onion powder
  • An even better pinch of cayenne pepper
  • Half a cup of self raising flour
  • A couple of finely chopped spring onions
  • Two eggs
  • Half a cup of Parmesan cheese
  • Oil or butter


The method couldn’t be easier. Simply combine all ingredients into a bowl, giving everything a good mix until well combined.

Add a bit of oil or butter to a frying pan, heat up the pan, and then add a few dollops of the mixture, pancake-style. Resist the urge to flip the fritter too early – you’ll know the first side is done when it holds its shape as you try to flip it to cook the other side.

Finally, enjoy an ingredient that hitherto had no useful purpose.

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