Issue #85

Modern RVs are so full of the latest electrical gadgetry that it is like taking your home on the road with you. The problem: this gear is prone to eventual failure or difficulty. Here are five of the most common electrical issues you’re likely to face and how to rectify them.

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Issue #84

So you have Starlink for your caravan. Great! But running it on 240V is difficult when you’re on the road. Here’s how to convert it to 12V and, in the process, achieve a fast, reliable, power-saving internet connection that will work virtually anywhere in the country. This issue is also packed with hints and tips for better caravanning, an awesome outback destination, and so much more! It’s one of our biggest yet!

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Issue #83

Portable lithium power banks are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, where petrol generators have reigned supreme for many years. Have these ‘solar generators’ got what it takes to knock their petrol rivals off their perch? It’s time to find out…

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Issue #82

Some are small, some are big and luxurious, but each of the vans in this month’s special feature are absolute rippers! We reviewed plenty of vans in 2023 and we have narrowed down our seven favourites – there’s truly something for all tastes and needs. We’ve also compiled an article on Australia’s weird history, and even found time to show you the basics of installing an Anderson plug. Welcome to the biggest issue of GoRV this year!

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Issue #81

Are you trying to decide on the best way to charge your van’s batteries when off-grid? In this issue of GoRV, we discuss the options for keeping your batteries topped up, and take a technical look at the advantages and disadvantages of each. We might even have found one or two ways to man-age your 12V power that you didn’t know about…

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Issue #80

New to towing? The first thing you’ll notice: taking the wheel becomes a whole new ball game with a caravan on the back. In this issue, we’ve put together some advice on what to expect when you hit the highway for the first time. We’ve also checked out one of the most comprehensive caravans we’ve seen in a long time, check out some new releases at Melbourne Leisurefest, and much more.

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Issue #79

You pull into a caravan park and you need to get online. But there’s a problem: your internet speed is so slow that everything grinds to a halt. Is Starlink the answer? One caravanner renders his official verdict in this must-read communications feature!

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Issue #78

So you’ve bought a new caravan and it’s fitted with the most expensive lithium battery system complete with solar on the roof but, for some reason, the batteries keep going flat before you think they should. Let’s run through some of the reasons why this might be happening.

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Issue #77

This is a HUGE issue of GoRV! We’ve tested the 2023 Isuzu MU-X, including its fuel usage, hitched up and reviewed four different caravans, tested RV toilet care products, installed a 5G caravan wi-fi system, and even tested a true food-grade caravan water hose. This is our most comprehensive issue yet!

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Issue #76

Caravanning is Australia’s great pastime; however, like anything, there are inherent risks in hitching up and heading off on that trip of a lifetime. But it’s not all doom and gloom! A bit of risk mitigation and a healthy dose of common sense will both go a long way. In this issue, we’ve compiled some expert advice to help you stay safe…

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Issue #75

If you’ve recently purchased a new or second-hand caravan, you will want to ensure all of its systems and appliances are functioning correctly and safely. Here are 10 essential maintenance tasks you can do yourself, including a list of the tools you’ll need for the job and simple instructions on how to go about each task. All these tasks can be carried out by any reasonably handy caravan owner.

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Issue #74

Thanks to our friends at Camps Australia Wide, we’ve narrowed down our seven favourite freedom camps that we’ve shared with you over the last couple of years. You won’t regret staying at any of these sites! While you’re free-camping, you’ll need reliable access to power, so we’ve reviewed a portable lithium power station, too, and when it comes to communications, this issue also has you covered. Don’t miss it!

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Issue #73

It is one of the most asked questions in caravanning: how big a battery do I need for free-camping? Given our reliance on electronic devices, you don’t want to get this one wrong. Our guide to sizing up a battery to suit your needs should help you get it right the first time.

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Issue #72

When towing a caravan, will reducing your speed really improve your tow vehicle’s fuel efficiency? It is a common belief that the best way to beat the bowser is to slow down. But is that just a myth, or does it contain a kernel of truth? We put it to the test – with jaw-dropping results!

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Issue #71

If you’re in the market for a new caravan, you will need to make a decision about caravan suspension. But what are your options and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?

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Issue #70

Don’t miss this issue! This month, we’re sharing all manner of tips and tricks for a safe and memorable holiday, from understanding caravan and towing weights to recharging your gadgets off-grid. We’ve also found one of the best instant hot water services for remote camping, share the benefits of independent suspension, and have a few tips for choosing the correct fridge for your RV. This issue is packed with essential information and advice!

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Issue #69

We have reviewed plenty of caravans in the last 12 months, from hard-core offroaders to luxurious couple’s tourers built for the blacktop. These are our seven favourites…

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Issue #68

The cost to register a caravan varies wildly from state to state. Frankly, the system is unfair: depending on where you live, you could be up for over $1000 per year, or as little as $62. Let’s break it down…

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Issue #67

Should you need a licence to tow a caravan? After all, towing is very different to driving unhitched. Let’s open a can of worms…

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Issue #66

An ACCC report has shone a spotlight on the Australian RV industry, specifically in relation to compliance with Australian Consumer Law. How will this effect caravan manufacturing and our touring lifestyle?

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Issue #65

Isuzu UTE Australia’s LS-U+ D-MAX ute has gained a great deal of traction as a tow vehicle in this country. For the next six months, we’ll be testing it under a variety of conditions. Anyone in the market for a new tow vehicle should keep up with this must-read series of features. These are our initial impressions of our new long-term tow vehicle…

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Issue #64

When you arrive at a caravan park, you’re usually handed a map and a list of rules. In other words, you know upfront what you can do and what you can’t. But at freedom camps, it’s a different story altogether. These are the unspoken rules of free-camping. Read them – they may just save an argument or two.

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Issue #63

When preparing for a caravan trip, it’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, especially during the planning stages. We’ve compiled the disaster stories of others in hopes they spur you to prepare for the unthinkable before you leave.

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Issue #62

If you’ve ever wanted to make a few personal modifications to your van, don’t miss this issue! Caravanners opened their van doors to show off their brilliant ideas!

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Issue #61

Is your tow vehicle, van or both overweight? Would you even know how to assess if they were? The truth is, no topic within the caravanning community causes more confusion. So let’s set the record straight…

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Issue #60

In this issue, we reveal a 12V power solution that could render generators unnecessary, as well as the aftermarket gear you really need for towing a caravan. And when it comes to remote touring, what accessories should you really pack in order to avoid disaster in remote areas?

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Issue #59

The Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 4.5 V8 turbo-diesel has long been an all-time favourite tow vehicle in Australia. But the just-arrived Land Cruiser 300 Series has created a ruckus among those who are a bit wary of its smaller, 3.3L V6 turbo-diesel engine. Can the new LC300 match its legendary predecessor? We hitched it up to find out…

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Issue #58

Experience doesn’t always lead to wisdom, especially when it comes to towing. These are just some of the lessons you might end up learning the hard way.

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Issue #57

You might think a turbo-diesel vehicle is the only way to go for towing anything bigger than a camper trailer. But is this really true? Let the debate begin!

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Issue #56

First it was electronic stability control. This technology changed how we tow caravans and think about towing safety. Now, for the first time ever, caravans are available with anti-lock braking. This revolutionary technology is poised to change the face of Australian caravanning – for the better.

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Issue #55

So you want to get into the best remote areas Australia has to offer. We spoke to one of Australia’s most respected outback travellers for his advice on how to do it safely. We’ve also put together one of the most comprehensive wrap-ups of remote-area communications you’re likely to find anywhere.

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Issue #54

Isuzu has finally launched the all-new MU-X. With its increased towing capacity, sophisticated safety system, revised engine, overhauled exterior lines and interior comforts, this is a genuinely different vehicle. It shows a lot of promise for caravanners who are in the market for a new tow vehicle. Find out more!

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Issue #53

Discover a caravan that kisses fossil fuels goodbye once and for all. With its 14.3kWh lithium battery by OzXcorp and 2000W rooftop solar array, this van requires no 240V power or gas for long-term off-grid camping. Even the outdoor barbecue is powered by this advanced battery! This is the future of caravans in Australia…

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Issue #52

The national code of practice for manufacturing trailers with an ATM of 4.5 tonnes or less, VSB 1, has been revised as part of the impending introduction of the Road Vehicle Standards Act, which is set to make a major impact in terms of caravan manufacturing compliance. So how, exactly, does Revision 6 of VSB 1 define the weights and ratings that are relevant to caravans? Let’s find out…

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Issue #51

More Aussies are hitting the road than ever before, and there are many ways to extend your stay at that perfect campsite or holiday park. Long-haul vanners share their hints and tips on the best ways to camp for longer!

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Issue #50

Fifty important RV touring tips, two reviews of new caravans, loads of product testing and videos – the 50th issue of GoRV is absolutely huge! Further, there are loads of prizes on offer, including a Dometic CFX3 portable fridge. We even have a DIY installation of a Redarc Manager30 battery management system! This issue really is a cracker and we really hope you enjoy it.

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Issue #49

Are you new to towing? The fact is, it can be a difficult, daunting experience, and the potential to damage something is real. Here’s what to expect, based on personal experiences, along with a horror story or two. We’ve also included some tips to see you through. If you’re experienced at towing caravans, there’s plenty here for you, too.

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Issue #48

Some tow vehicle components cop a hard time and need to be upgraded. In this issue, we recommend 10 ways you can improve your tow tug. Meanwhile, compare the weight limitation of some of the most popular dual-cub utes and take a detailed look at why these vehicles are so controversial for towing.

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Issue #47

How much do you really know about your van’s tyres? There are good reasons why each caravan and camper trailer sold in Australia must come with a tyre placard. In this issue, we delve into RV tyres, with technical advice on tyre loads, wheel studs and much more.

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Issue #46

IMPORTANT INFO: Carbon monoxide poisoning poses a genuine risk to caravanners. After suffering its effects, and now being lucky to be alive, a husband and wife are now warning of the dangers of using the caravan’s gas stove for heat. Read their story…

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Issue #45

RVs are highly prized by opportunistic thieves in Australia. So… is your van safe? Your RV was too expensive and provides too much enjoyment for it to fall into the hands of thieves. These are tried and tested ways to protect your investment, both at home and when you’re on the road.

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Issue #44

Travelling Australia? It’s important that you know the rules that specifically apply to towing and the differences from one state to another. Do the wrong thing, and you could cop an expensive fine. Arm yourself with this crucial knowledge and have a safe, hassle-free tip.

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Issue #43

A number of new or significantly revised tow vehicles have been released this year. In this issue, we nominate five of the best, and it’s a list we are sure will cause plenty of debate. Meanwhile, we’ve joined forces with Camps Australia Wide. Each issue, Camps will nominate a Freedom Camp of the Month – don’t miss it!

This is one of our biggest issues yet!

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Issue #42

You’ve bought a new caravan with the latest accessories, batteries and solar. But you wake up in the morning and the batteries are flat. Sound familiar? In this guide, we explain the ins and outs of a caravan’s 12V system in simple, easy-to-understand terms – no prior electrical understanding necessary!

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Issue #41

We have a brand new Jayco TRX tent trailer worth $18,990 (RRP) to give away to one lucky GoRV reader! This forward-fold, lightweight trailer is equipped with a slide-out kitchen, a water tank, large storage areas, a double bed, a club lounge and much more. It’s also very easy to tow! It’s FREE to enter so what are you waiting for?

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Issue #40

CRITICAL INFORMATION: By loading up your van at the rear, you are detrimentally affecting the van’s ball weight. Just by adding an aftermarket second spare wheel could make your rig unstable when it’s being towed. But why, and by how much, would that wheel lighten a van’s ball weight? We put it to the test. This is ESSENTIAL information for all caravanners.

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Issue #39

Are you considering independent coil suspension for your next caravan, or thinking about upgrading your van’s exisiting suspension? In this issue, we delve into the benefits of coil suspension. We also go in-depth with the professionals on caravan servicing, show you how to do a DIY jockey wheel service, and much more!

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Issue #38

As the COVID 19 crisis quickly shut travel down in Australia, many full-time caravanners faced an immediate crisis of their own, unable to travel or head home, and often unwanted in caravan parks or towns. In this issue, we share the stories of numerous caravanners who are stuck in limbo.

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Issue #37

Our travelling lives have suddenly, drastically changed. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about or plan our next big trip. We at GoRV have focussed this month on easy, cheap tips and modifications that other caravanners have adopted to make their lives on the road more enjoyable. With travel restrictions in place, now is a good time to have a go at one of these yourself.

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Issue #36

Fuel and accommodation are the major expenses when travelling. So which is cheaper: towing a caravan, or driving unhitched and staying in a cabin? We’ve done the tests, crunched the numbers… and the results were very surprising.

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GoRV Issue 35

Issue #35

The old saying ‘it all adds up’ is never truer than when loading a caravan. Think you know the true weight of your van’s payload? Think again. We weighed the typical contents of a caravan before a holiday and the results were completely unexpected. ARE YOU LEGAL?
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Issue #34

When it comes to towing, are pop-tops really more fuel-efficient? Legend has it that the lower profile of pop-tops leads to reduced wind drag, making them cheaper to tow. We set out to test this theory in a major fuel duel: pop-top versus full-height caravan.

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Issue #33

The RV market is brimming with options, from shiny new caravans to faded second-handers hoping for a new lease on life. Get your purchase right, and it’s happy travels. But getting it wrong could mean spending money hand over fist to finally get it right.

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Issue #32

All caravans have a water tank or two, or even four. But all that water we store in our vans has an effect on the vans’ ball weight. In this issue, we measure the impact of water tank – the surprising result should make every caravanner reconsider how they pack their caravan.

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Issue #31

Gross Combined Mass is the most confusing of the weight ratings that apply to caravanning. As a result, it’s possible that your 4WD and caravan combination is overweight, despite meeting other legal requirements. In this issue, we delve deeply into the issues surrounding GCM , nominate the 4WDs with the most unrealistic GCM ratings – these are our worst offenders – and much more.
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Issue #30

In this issue, we nominate the seven best offroad caravans and campers that we have reviewed in the last year. This was no easy task – and we know that it will cause significant debate. Be sure to let us know what you think.

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Issue 29

Issue #29

The caravan industry’s national body has slammed a federal government decision to delay a much-needed overhaul of Australia’s vehicle manufacturing and importation laws. The Caravan Industry Association of Australia has blasted the move as putting lives at risk. It’s not all doom and gloom in this issue, though. We’ve put together practical – and sometimes neglected – advice for purchasing a new tow vehicle, real-world tips on how to save fuel from a full-time vanner, and much more!

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Issue 28

Issue #28

Australia’s RV manufacturing and import regulations have been overhauled in a move that should prove to be a gamechanger for the industry. New legislation set to come into effect will put the squeeze on ‘lemon’ manufacturers, and dodgy importers are about to feel the heat, too. Find out what it means for RV buyers in this important issue…

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Issue 27

Issue #27

The pros, the cons, the heated debate! Do you prefer RVs that have a coupling, or an engine and transmission? Whether caravan or motorhome, there’s more to this question than meets the eye. This issue of GoRV is packed with essential information – don’t miss it!.

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Issue 26

Issue #26

Gross Trailer Mass, caravan axles, a massive offroad coupling guide… this issue is packed with essential information for all serious caravanners.

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Issue 25

Issue #25

Though they’re uncommon, caravan rollovers can and do occur. And there’s one very important reason why. In this issue, we explain the facts behind caravan rollovers and what you can do to help prevent them. We’ve all reviewed two new vans and have a special report on a device that replaces the trailer plug with a wireless signal.

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Issue 24

Issue #24

A hybrid-drive system that can ‘drive’ a caravan while it’s being towed, tow hitches with built-in ball weight scales, an app that can control new Jayco caravans… and even the installation of Powerfold towing mirrors. This issue is packed. We also have advice on free-camping , maximising your van’s solar setup, tips for carrying and sourcing water when on a long trip, and reviews of a couple of new vans. Enjoy this issue – it’s a must for anyone who loves technology or who loves to camp off-grid.

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Issue 23

Issue #23

Looking for a new tow vehicle? There’s no shortage of options. In this issue, we reveal our top three under-rated 4WDs, vehicles that are more capable with a van on the back than many people realise. We also attempt to make the case for caravan parks – sure, some seem too expensive while others don’t live up to expectations. But could Australian travellers really manage without them?

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Issue 22

Issue #22

Despite their marketing hype, many vehicles are ill-equipped to handle caravans loaded to 3500kg. In the last two issues, we’ve explained how to determine the weight-carrying limits of your tow vehicle and your caravan as separate vehicles. In this issue, we examine what happens when you combine the two and, trust us, this is where it gets very interesting…

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Issue 21

Issue #21

Understanding caravan weights, and how to remain legal when towing, remains ones of the largest topics of confusion. In this important issue of GoRV, we demystify the terminology and problems every caravanner must reckon with. This is essential reading for all vanners, new and old hands alike.

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Issue 20

Issue #20

Towing is not a ‘dark art’ but it does require skill, experience, confidence and the right equipment. In this issue, we explain the various weight limitations imposed on tow vehicles by their manufacturers, as well as common pitfalls. We’ve also developed a guide to some of the ‘rules’ to follow for a safer towing experience.

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Issue 19

Issue #19

How safe are we, and our belongings, when we’re on the road? The terrifying story of a couple exploring WA, which we present in this issue, has shone sad light on the fact that RVers are potentially easy targets for crooks. How prepared are you to guard against theft or a break-in?

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Issue 18

Issue #18

How do you get the most out of freedom camping, and what makes a good campsite in the Back of Beyond? In our biggest issue ever, a couple of avid caravanners share not-to-be-missed tips on the freedom camping lifestyle. We’ve also tested a Jayco Adventurer caravan on WA’s…

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Issue 17

Issue #17

This issue is packed with useful advice, from choosing the right suspension for your caravan and understanding the crucial signs of wear and tear, to the must-pack gear for a successful trip and even a DIY washing machine!

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Issue 16

Issue #16

Does the law require you to use extension mirrors when towing? Or are they simply an optional accessory? In this issue, we delve into this important subject for the final word on when to use tow mirrors.

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Issue 15

Issue #15

Is Australia’s caravan registration system a virtual rip-off? The costs to register caravans around the country vary greatly. And in some states it is shockingly expensive. Find out what it will cost to register your van in our state-by-state guide.

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Issue 14

Issue #14

One full-time caravanning family shares the tips, tricks and advice that have made their adventures around Australia so successful. These tips are not to be missed!

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Issue 13

Issue #13

RVers are facing more legal scrutiny than ever before. But what actually occurs during a roadside police inspection of an RV, and what are the penalties for being overweight?

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Issue 12

Issue #12

When it comes to driving those holiday dollars further, it’s hard to debate the appeal of free campsites, but will shelling out a few bucks for a paid site lead to a better trip? Let the debate begin…

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Issue 11

Issue #11

It’s the latest fashion to portray caravans as a danger on the roads in the media and A Current Affair is leading the charge. Here’s what we have to say…

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Issue 10

Issue #10

In search of an amazing beachside campsite? Look no further. Issue 10 of GoRV features five of the best that Australia has to offer. It’s also full of advice for safe touring, including pre-trip vehicle checks, as well as RV reviews. We even found time to head to Broome, WA!

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Issue 9

Issue #09

Bush camping, away from the crowds, is one of the reasons we love the RV lifestyle. In this issue, we spill the beans on five campsites on the east coast that you have to put on your list. Meanwhile, we’ve also reviewed a few new vans and even headed to Kununurra, WA.

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Issue 8

Issue #08

In this issue, we take a technical look at some of the most common misconceptions about harnessing the power of the sun. Let’s get some facts straight…

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Issue 7

Issue #07

How you load your van has serious implications for its towing stability. We set the record straight. Once and for all.

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Issue 6

Issue #06

What not to do when it comes to carrying out RV repairs. In this issue, we look at why some things are best left to the experts. We even have a caved-in caravan roof!

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Issue 5

Issue #05

Is your RV’s payload adequate, or even legitimate? In this issue, we look at the ins and outs of payload and what you can do to increase it. Things are going to get a little heavy.

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Issue 4

Issue #04

Whether you’re new to towing a caravan or camper trailer, or an old hand, a few tips never go astray. This issue, we’ve compiled five of the most common mistakes that vanners make and offer up a few solutions. Meanwhile, we also test a new Trakmaster Adventurer, the Roadstar Little Rippa, and a Golden Eagle family van.

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Issue 3

Issue #03

When is an offroad caravan not an offroad caravan? In this issue, we look at what you need to know about the differences between purpose-built offroad caravans and bitumen-bound vans fitted with ‘offroad’ packs.

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Issue 2

Issue #02

This issue of GoRV is all about caravan compliance. Why has the Australian RV industry developed a reputation for non-compliant manufacturing and what is it doing about it?

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Issue 1

Issue #01

Welcome to GoRV, a digital magazine all about the RV lifestyle. This issue, we review two new caravans and bust common vanning myths.

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