Jayco’s Exclusive BMPRO BMS

BMPRO has developed a lithium-compatible battery management system exclusively for Jayco.


BMPRO has released a new battery management system, the J35D, exclusively for Jayco.

According to BMPRO, the lithium-compatible J35D has a charging current of up to 15A in ‘bulk’ mode and 30A in ‘boost’ mode. This multistage charger can be adjusted to a variety of battery chemistries, from lead acid to LiFePO4.

“Jayco is highly respected within the Australian caravan industry for leading with innovation and delivering the best value-for-money to their customers,” BMPRO CEO Louise Bayliss said.

BMPRO also supplies Jayco with its JHub system, an app-driven power management system that controls the on-board features, such as the lights, hot water and more, of a Jayco RV while managing incoming power, battery charging, tank levels and more.