Episode 2 – Pasta a la Tim


Welcome, RVers, to my brand new, one stop, delicious dinner spot. It’s called Camp Kitchen Cooking King…

In these quick cooking videos, I will be attempting to construct simple, easy-to-clean-up-after, great-tasting, on-the-road recipes.

Having said that, I feel I must tell you that, sadly, I can’t cook. I’m terrible at it for too many reasons to mention here, but It’s not my fault. I blame my wife, Julie. She is the benevolent dictator of our kitchen, an amazing kitchen ninja with awesome cook-fu skills who never needed my annoying assistance in meal preparation, ever.

Sure, I can cobble together a decent spag bol, or cook a snag on the barbie (Jules will take over the barbie if you leave it unattended for even a moment, totally reorganising the hotplate in the time it takes me to get a beer).

So, it’s time I expanded my meagre, mobile menu and moved on to the next level, any level. Basically, if I can cook it, anyone can and that includes you. I’ll run the recipes past Jules, but I’ll do all the heavy lifting, so what could go wrong? Sounds like fun. Well, let’s see. Just hit play!

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