Track Trailer in Voluntary Administration

It's tough times for revered offroad RV manufacturer Track Trailer, but the company has an eye on better times ahead...

track trailer
The fifth-generation Track Trailer Tvan.

Outback HQ has gone into voluntary administration. Track Trailer, the iconic RV manufacturer responsible for the Tvan rear-fold camper, announced on June 6 that it decided to appoint voluntary administrators to “help restructure the business and transition the business into a stronger financial position”.

Sister company Harvey Technology has also gone into voluntary administration.

Cor Cordis, the firm appointed to handle the voluntary administration, has began “an urgent review of Track Trailer’s financial position”.

“The Australian RV market has significantly declined over the past 12 months due to cost-of-living pressures and its main customer group increasingly opting for overseas travel in 2024,” Track Trailer director Gerard Waldron said.

track trailer
The company acquired Trakmaster a couple of years ago before revealing the new-look range last year.

Mr Waldron said he had not seen worse RV market conditions in more than 25 years.

“Despite our attempts to reduce costs in response to declining sales, the economic conditions have compelled me to appoint administrators to explore a restructure.”

Track Trailer has a 25-year history in the Australian RV industry, beginning with the launch of the Tvan, the company’s flagship model. In fact, earlier this year, Track Trailer had celebrated the release of the fifth-generation Tvan.

In recent years, the company had acquired other well-known offroad RV brands, including Trakmaster and Pioneer Campers.

“For the immediate future, it is business as usual,: Mr Waldron said. “While the immediate future holds challenges, I believe the restructuring process will allow the business to continue growing when market conditions improve.”

Meanwhile, Track Trailer has emphasised that the company holds stock that is ready to be sold.