RV Packing Secrets!

Packing the caravan requires careful consideration.


Some people get a bit nervous about packing their RV for a trip. They are keen to go but a bit unsure about how everything will survive the road.

It comes down, mainly, to common sense, a little bit of knowledge and good preparation. Most caravans contain items that are not used, so remember to cull as you become more experienced. We change what we take according to where we are going, so think ahead and picture what you need.

For example, if you are heading inland, you will probably not need your surf rod, even if you are a keen angler. And do you need five different craft activities or will one do? How many books can you read?

Here are our top five hints for packing…


Understand how weight affects your vehicles (the car, caravan, trailer or motorhome). This is a must for your safety and ease of travel. If you are unsure, seek advice from the manufacturer or someone you are sure has the knowledge. In general, for a caravan, the heavier load need to be towards the front of the van. This applies to both the inside and the outside storage. Assess what needs to go in the van/trailer and what could go in the back of the towing vehicle.


Use the space in the RV. This may seem obvious but check you are using it all. For example, we use the oven to store our slow cooker or glass convection oven, whichever one we are taking. Put a tea towel on the bottom of the oven to avoid movement or scratching. Once there, you can put the stored item outside to use. We put the bread in the microwave to travel.


Be aware of breakables and put them on the bed. Lie the television flat in the middle of the bed and tuck the corners under pillows. It won’t move. Other items that may chip or break can also lie safely on the bed. Make sure the storage space under the bed is packed well so that nothing moves.


Rough roads can rattle lids loose. Make sure your jars and bottles are tightly sealed and held upright in place, either in cupboards or the fridge. There is nothing worse than arriving to the sight and smell of spilled sauce or pickled onions! If you have been on a rough road, check the lids when you arrive so they are ready for the next trip. Before you take off, check all cupboard and drawer latches to make sure they are properly closed and are not going to fly open. Use small, cheap plastic trays to hold toiletries, etc.


We use tea towels a lot. You can have quite a few extras as they are not heavy and don’t take up much room. Put one around and amongst glasses and mugs, or between plates if you like. Non-skid matting is a wonderful help but sometimes you need cloth. A tea towel amongst items, like bottles or plastic containers, in the car will stop that annoying noise as you travel. Correctly-sized containers also help prevent rattling issues and maximise use of space in any storage area.

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Bruce and Marg Gow are seasoned travellers, having been on the road in their caravan for more than five years. They are originally Victorians, but prefer to call themselves Australians as they love every part of this great country. Bruce and Marg share their travel stories and ideas on our website, as well as their Facebook page, Baby Boomers on the Road.


  1. Thanks for this great article. We are thinking of buying a van so need all the advice we can get. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great Advice thanks. We have been given some great advice from other seasoned travellers like yourselves on our travels. eg: put glass jars in the fridge/cupboards in stubby holders, stops them from clinking. Push pillows/cushion into the cupboard with pots and pans to stop them moving about. I carry old towels (always handy in wet weather) and shove them in my cupboards before travelling to stop everything moving. Have a printed list of what to check off & secure before leaving a site. Carry a stash of octopus straps (available from Bunnings) they come in handy for numerous jobs. Have small Gorilla Adjustable Height Work Platform (Bunnings) (foldable & light – stores under bed) great for access to roof or extra seating or bbq bench in annex. Hope these help someone. Happy Travels 🙂