Cowfish Starlink Integration Kit Installed and Tested!

A couple months ago, we introduced the Cowfish Starlink Integration Kit, which allows you to run Starlink off 12V power. We have since asked The Lifestyle Pioneers, a family of full-time travellers, to put it to the test. Here’s what they think…


There is barely a campsite in Australia where you won’t find a Starlink satellite dish either on top of a caravan or plonked out in front of a tent. It has certainly changed the game when it comes to connectivity while travelling off-grid in Australia.

It’s probably the biggest development in caravanning and off-grid travel since lithium batteries. But the Starlink system has some downsides and limitations when it comes to maintaining a reliable, efficient internet connection.

Recently, we installed the Starlink Integration Kit from Cowfish Technologies in our caravan. This system takes Starlink up another notch and provides what we’ve found to be the ultimate off-grid internet solution for travellers. Let’s dive in and look at what makes this system the bee’s knees for internet and wi-fi.


Previously, internet connectivity was very hard to find in remote regions. While we love to get away from it all and disconnect from the outside world occasionally, more and more travellers are working and home-schooling while on the road.

The Lifestyle Pioneers set-up at Lake Johnston, WA.

For many like us, having access to the internet almost anywhere in Australia can be the difference between staying in that spectacular campsite you’ve found and having to pack-up and leave to head to the nearest town to connect.

One of the biggest advantages of the Cowfish kit is its ability to power your Starlink dish directly from your 12V battery system. This eliminates the need for a bulky inverter, saving you precious space and, more importantly, reducing overall power consumption. This translates to longer off-grid adventures without worrying about running out of power.

Inverters consume power converting from DC (battery) to AC (Starlink dish). The Cowfish kit eliminates this loss. Removing the need for the inverter almost halves the amount of power the Starlink system consumes.


The beauty of the Cowfish Starlink Integration Kit lies in its integration with the Cowfish VanConnect system. It doesn’t just power your Starlink dish; it seamlessly connects it to your VanConnect wi-fi, eliminating the need to use the Starlink router. This means you get the best of both worlds:

  • Extended wi-fi range: VanConnect offers superior wi-fi coverage to the standard Starlink router, ensuring a strong signal throughout your campsite. We’ve had a wi-fi signal extend up to 100m from our caravan! But beware, you might become popular amongst fellow campers when they realise you’ve got an internet connection they can reach from their tent!
  • Network management: The VanConnect system allows you to seamlessly monitor data usage, allocate bandwidth for different devices, and prioritise internet traffic for essential tasks. It also allows you to connect storage devices via USB to create a central data management system accessible to any devices on your wi-fi network.


Cowfish offers several different VanConnect routers depending on your budget and internet requirements. All of them can be used with your Starlink Integration Kit. If you only need a Starlink solution, there’s the Cowfish VanConnect Zero. For those like us who want the ultimate internet connectivity, there’s the VanConnect 4G or 5G.

The Cowfish Starlink Integration Kit has been a game-changer for The Lifestyle Pioneers, especially when it comes to home-schooling their kids.

We chose to run the 5G version for maximum data speeds when in 4G or 5G service areas. The beauty of this system is that during Starlink outages or situations with limited satellite visibility, VanConnect’s 4G/5G backup seamlessly ensures we stay connected. This is especially important during live video calls, meetings, or school sessions.


Another big win for the Cowfish Starlink Integration Kit is its user-friendly design. The kit comes with clear instructions and doesn’t require any complicated electrical work. In most cases, installation involves simply connecting the provided cables to your existing 12V system and Starlink dish.

We installed the Starlink Integration Kit and VanConnect router in an overhead cupboard adjacent to our existing caravan 12V system. This keeps the units out of harm’s way and allows for a simple installation.

We went one step further and installed the weatherproof connection point from Cowfish outside our caravan. This allows for easy cable management and eliminates the need to run the dish cable through windows or doors.

Work and play, no worries, thanks to the Cowfish Starlink Integration Kit.

Once the hardware is connected, the system automatically recognises the Starlink dish and configures itself for optimal performance. This means minimal technical expertise is required, allowing even non-tech-savvy travellers to enjoy the benefits of reliable internet. We were connected to our Starlink dish and the internet within minutes of installing the kit.


While the Cowfish Starlink Integration kit is a fantastic solution, it’s important to note that it’s not a standalone product. For the kit to function, you’ll need a VanConnect system (Zero, 4G or 5G) installed. For those who already have a VanConnect router, the kit provides a valuable add-on.

Additionally, if you want a weatherproof connection, you may need to change the cable connection on your Starlink dish. This involves cutting the cable and installing a (supplied) RJ45 connection. Alternatively, Cowfish offers an adapter to eliminate the need to cut cables, but this connection isn’t waterproof.


Overall, the Cowfish Starlink Integration Kit is a winner for off-grid adventurers who crave reliable internet connectivity, especially in remote locations. It eliminates the need for an inverter, boosts your wi-fi range, and unlocks the full potential of the VanConnect system. 

Zoom calls in remote areas have been made possible…

It’s made working, schooling and living on the road much more stress-free and enjoyable for our family. We can now spend as long as we want in some of the most incredible campsites in the country without worrying about getting an internet connection.

The system’s combined functionality makes it a worthwhile upgrade. And now is the perfect time to buy! The Cowfish Technologies team offers 10 per cent off everything on their site when you use the discount code “TLP10” at the checkout.

So, if you’re ready to ditch the spotty connections and power-hungry Starlink 240V router and embrace the freedom of uninterrupted web access, check out the Cowfish Starlink Integration Kit. Safe travels!

– The Lifestyle Pioneers

More information:

  • Use discount code TLP10 for 10 per cent off!