Review: BMPRO SmartSense

For many caravanners, bottled gas is their lifeline, keeping their fridge cold, their water warm and their barbecues running. This new device make’s sure you’ll never run out unexpectedly again.


Technology. Is there anything it can’t do?

Until recently, to determine the remaining amount of gas in my van’s cylinders, I’d do it the old-fashioned way: pour warm water down the side and feel for a temperature change on the cylinder.

Now, I’ve replaced this dark-ages approach with the BMPRO SmartSense, a brand new device that sends a signal to a free app on your smartphone to tell you precisely how much gas is left.

Sure, there are other products available that can check a gas cylinder’s level, but none that I’m aware of that can send a notification to your pocket when the gas is running low.


I tried the SmartSense on three different gas cylinders. One I knew to be empty, the other I knew to be about a quarter full, and the other that I knew to be about half full.

SmartSenseThe SmartSense uses magnets to attach the bottom of the gas cylinder – for the most accurate reading, it’s important to attach it as directly in the centre of the cylinder as possible, as it sends a vertical signal up and back down through the cylinder to the device.

When first attaching, it can take a few minutes for the device to register the precise reading as it waits for the gas inside the cylinder to ‘settle’.

On each cylinder that I tested, the SmartSense returned readings that I expected: empty; 22 per cent; and 41 per cent.

I had no issue ‘pairing’ the device with the app on my phone. The app itself is intuitive and well-designed – you can even set the threshold for when you receive notifications as to the gas level.

While it’s probably a good idea to remove the SmartSense when towing your van, the magnets appears to be quite strong and I see no reason it would detach when underway should you accidentally leave it in place – I couldn’t shake it loose.

It runs off a CR2 battery. Replacing it is simply a matter of prying the two halves of the SmartSense apart.

At $89.95, it’s also well-priced. You can buy el-cheapo gas level indicators as well as $100-plus devices. None, however, will send automatic notifications. If you take your barbecues seriously, it’s one product that’s well worth the money.