Review: Avida Silverton C Class Motorhome

The Avida Silverton is a classy rig on a Merceds Benz Sprinter platform.


Avida has introduced a touch of German automotive engineering to its fleet of C class motorhomes. The Silverton, released in February this year, is a four-berth C class motorhome and the only rig in its motorhome line-up currently underpinned by the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

Developed specifically for the cab-chassis motorhome market, the front-wheel-drive Sprinter 418 can be driven on a standard car licence, thanks to its 4200kg Gross Vehicle Mass, offering the in-cab comforts and touch-screen wizardry you’d expect from the Mercedes Sprinter.

Avida SilvertonIn terms of length, the Silverton sits between Avida’s Iveco Daily-based Ceduna and Fiat Ducato-based Birdsville. Like its stablemates, the Silverton is also available in B class format, which essentially swaps the bed in the Luton peak for an over-cab storage space.

I didn’t have the opportunity to camp in the Avida Silverton; however, I spent quite some time driving it on the open highway and climbing over and under it. These are my impressions…


The Sprinter offers a typically comfortable, car-like driving experience, as expected. Though our test unit was unladen, the 2.1L turbodiesel engine, which is capable of 130kW/400Nm, effortlessly kept pace with traffic and was quick off the mark at the lights.

Avida SilvertonThe usual squeaks and rattles from the living quarters were mostly noticeable when driving on less-than-smooth bitumen and secondary roads, but the rear leafspring suspension and independent front setup actually provided quite a smooth ride.

The Silverton offers four passenger positions, each with seatbelt: two in the cab, and two on a bench seat in the back. Swivel the cab chairs around and you’ve got a dinette, with table. The setup works well; however, I noticed it was difficult to fully close the dinette’s block-out window blind: it wanted to bind on the two-person seat. It was still possible to close it, but it was awkward.

Avida SilvertonAcross the nearside, the Silverton is equipped with a four-burner cooktop and griller, loads of general storage space, sink, etc. I liked that the main drawer had been designed with a special ‘recess’ within so that it wraps around the sink plumbing – it seems an effective use of space.

I also particularly liked the hinged bench extension that can fold across the entrance. This extension piece otherwise sits vertically, out of the way. It’s not a new idea but it is done well in the Silverton.

Bench space throughout is generous, with the kitchen bench extending all the way into the bedroom. Speaking of which, the main bed sits within an offside slide-out that opens at the push of a button above the entryway. 

Avida SilvertonWith USB points, shelves, LED lighting, overhead cabinetry and even a large smart TV mounted to the offside wall at the foot of the bed, it is truly a comfortable area. The slide-out even contains a slimline Thetford 141L fridge.

Across the rear of the Silverton is a large bathroom, incorporating a fibreglass shower complete with recesses for soap and shampoo, etc., a cassette toilet, and a vanity with room for a washing machine under the bench. There’s a large mirror and a few other convenient inclusions.

Avida SilvertonFinally, being a C class unit, the Silverton comes with a double bed in the Luton peak. The foam mattress is certainly comfortable, and I appreciated the inclusion of a cargo net, which presumably is provided primarily if the Luton peak is used as a storage area; however, it would double as a safety barrier for any kids sleeping up there.

I was a bit uncertain about the aluminium ladder provided by Avida. It did the job and held my weight. But, frankly, it felt somewhat wobbly.

Generally speaking, it is difficult to fault the internal fit and finish of the Avida Silverton. Although there were a few fairly minor details that bothered me, the company’s decades of experience is evident in the joinery and cohesive design.


Outside, there are a number of items to point out. A full-length awning comes as standard, as do two 4kg gas cylinders found in a dedicated locker on the nearside. 

Avida SilvertonThere is one storage bin on the nearside and two on the offside, both of which are easily accessible when the slide-out is open. Special catches are provided to keep the lids of each bin open while you rummage inside.

At least one external speaker would be appreciated, and perhaps a fold-down picnic table and 12V point, but these were not provided on our review model, though they are offered as an option.

As standard, the Avida Silverton comes with a 100Ah deep-cycle house battery (no solar), a 100L fresh water tank and a 100L grey water tank.

Avida SilvertonThe motorhome is constructed using Avida’s own insulated, light-weight sandwich panels and includes underfloor protection. While the external finish is very good, I did experience a problem with the hook that holds the door open. I forgot to unhook the door and, as I attempted to close it, the rivets that secure the hook’s base plate popped right out of the door. I think this needs addressing. Further, the door opens onto the forward awning leg, so it is impossible to open it all the way.

As mentioned the Avida Silverton is available in both C class and B class format. Which one is right for you depends on your travelling needs; however, it is worth pointing out that the B class unit is 170mm less in overall height. This mightn’t sound like a lot, but when it comes to navigating van parks with overhanging branches, not to mention driving under low bridges, that 170mm could make all the difference.


The Avida Silverton combines the class and sheer drivability of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter with the solid and dependable motorhome construction of Avida.

Avida SilvertonWith a logical layout, a wide range of features – including a reverse-cycle air-conditioner – and a mostly refined fit and finish, it is a motorhome that should do you proud as you tour the highways and byways of Australia.


FIT AND FINISH – 4 out of 5 stars

LAYOUT – 3 out of 5 stars

INNOVATION – 3 out of 5 stars


  • Mercedes Sprinter 418 platform – very enjoyable
  • Overall interior fit and finish
  • Large bathroom
  • Excellent main bedroom with smart TV included
  • Hook that keeps door open broke during our review
  • Ladder to Luton peak bed felt a little unsteady
  • Dinette block-out blind was not a perfect fit


External body length: 7.14m

External body width: 2.32m

Travel height: 3.32m

Tare: 3494kg

GVM: 4200kg

GCM: 5500kg

Base vehicle: Mercedes Benz Sprinter 418

Licence type: Standard car

Engine: 2.3L four-cylinder turbodiesel

Transmission: Nine-speed automatic

Driven wheels: Front

Braking: Front and rear disc

Fuel tank: 92L

Awning: Wind-out

Solar: No (optional)

Gas: 2x4kg

Shower: Yes – separate cubicle

Fresh water: 100L

Grey water: 100L

Black water: 17L

Cooking: Four-burner cooktop with griller

Refrigeration: 141L Thetford three-way

Microwave: Yes

Lighting: 12V LED

Battery: 100Ah deep-cycle

Hot water: 14L Truma gas-electric

Air-conditioning: Dometic reverse-cycle

Washing machine: No (optional)

Leather upholstery

Diesel heater

Silver fibreglass walls and roof

$166,800 (C class motorhome, with options listed above)

B class motorhome: $158,000 (drive-away, Vic)