Review: 15ft JAWA Sirocco

Jordie Hansen has discovered something pretty interesting by JAWA Offroad Campers. There is much more to this 15ft Sirocco than meets the eye…


I picked up the new 2024 15ft JAWA Sirocco from the JAWA headquarters just out of Caloundra, Qld, and immediately I could tell it was going to be a good day. I was headed to the bush for the day, the sun was shining and there was no one around. The plan was to tackle some difficult tracks and see how JAWA’s best-selling hybrid handled rougher terrain. What I did not expect was to be halfway down a one-way track with some of the muddiest washouts I’d ever driven.

On the highway, heading out to the bush, the van performed extremely well. Unloaded, the Sirocco weighs in at 2.4 tonnes with a ball weight of 240kg, which is generally the ratio you look for when trying to find a well-balanced van. It certainly towed in a safe, stable way.

JAWA SiroccoHowever, the Sirocco is not only designed to perform well on the highway but on offroad tracks, too, so I headed into the foothills of the Glass House Mountains. On the drone I had found a nice clearing that looked like a great spot to set-up and have a good look through this van. 

I headed down a one-way track, with no way of turning around, quietly hoping and praying that the Sirocco would perform the way JAWA had said it would. And perform it did.


The van made the track look far easier than it was and this comes down to a few reasons. First and foremost was a combination of the high ground clearance and the dual shock independent Lovells suspension underneath. As I rode through the roller coaster of mud pits, I would check my mirrors to make sure the van was tracking okay. The suspension was managing to smooth out the van’s ride, making the track look easy for the Sirocco. 

JAWA SiroccoAnother reason for its performance is the low travel height. This is one of the main reasons people buy a hybrid. Not only does it mean there is less wind drag when driving along the highway but it creates a low centre of gravity, reducing the side-to-side movement you can find with some full-size vans.

Another key reason for its excellent offroad performance: the DO35 hitch, which did exactly as it was supposed to do – move freely and safely at all angles.

JAWA SiroccoThe Sirocco and I made it to the site in one piece. Now, I had a rough idea of how to set the hybrid up; however, I hadn’t been shown how. By just following a logical process, I managed to set it up easily. Even as a beginner, it would have taken me less than five minutes. All that was involved was turning on the power system, pressing one button to raise the powered roof, pulling out the awning, and then sliding out the kitchen. In minutes, you have yourself a home on wheels. 


Inside, the JAWA Sirocco contains an upright 110L Dometic fridge while externally there is a slide-out 95L fridge-freezer from EvaKool. Plenty of room for keeping food cool. On top of that are two different exterior pantry areas, a cutlery drawer, and more slide-out storage.

JAWA SiroccoThe storage story continues inside and out, with a huge boot space, tool boxes front and rear as well as slide-out storage for a generator. Inside, you’ll find a decent amount of cupboard space, too. JAWA has even allowed storage inside the spacious bathroom area. Not only is there an interior shower, but there is an exterior shower with a ‘Kickass’ shower tent that comes standard with your purchase.

JAWA SiroccoThis brings me to the huge list of standard features. Some of these items aren’t always included as standard in some vans so as I was looking around the van I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Yes, that should be standard in most vans!” For example, the Dometic Dust Reduction System. The Sirocco even has an 80L grey water tank, something that’s also not always a standard inclusion. Grey water storage is now essential in all national parks across Australia and is key to living off-grid.

Other features that will help the 15ft JAWA Sirocco off-grid include its huge water storage capacity, which is comprised of two 120L tanks (more than some full size vans carry), and the Enerdrive electrical system.

JAWA SiroccoThis van has two 200Ah Enerdrive B-Tec batteries as well as 600W of solar panels with an extra Anderson plug for the option of plugging in additional power. Alongside this is a welcome 3000W inverter. This thing is powerful enough to run your air-conditioner without being plugged, in which is a fantastic inclusion as standard. The Enerdrive system also includes a 40A DC-DC charger, a 100A mains charger, and a 40A MPPT solar regulator.  

The JAWA Sirocco also has very spacious living quarters, with a massive bed and a generous seating area. With a TV viewable from both the bed or the seating area, you’ve got your own comfortable hotel room. The TV can also be used outside with an exterior antenna plug for when you’re cooking the barbecue but don’t want to miss the game.


JAWA SiroccoI have been genuinely blown away not only by the performance of the new JAWA Sirocco on and offroad, but also by its liveability. This hybrid is capable of following your car through extremely difficult terrain and getting covered in mud like mine was, and it’ll then be set-up for glamping with a beer in a matter of minutes.


FIT AND FINISH – 4 out of 5 stars

LAYOUT – 4 out of 5 stars

INNOVATION – 5 out of 5 stars


  • This van blew me away with its off road performance
  • The amount of standard inclusions, such as the 3000W inverter, is very impressive
  • I would perhaps like an internal cooking option in case the weather is horrendous. However, this could be fixed by simply plugging in an induction cooktop, which would be possible thanks to the decent battery and inverter setup


Overall length: 6.7m

External body length: 4.6m

External width: 2.5m

Travel height: 2.5m

Tare: 2400kg

GTM: 2750kg

ATM: 2990kg

Unladen ball weight: 240kg

Frame: Steel

Cladding: Aluminium composite

Coupling: D035

Chassis: Q345 steel

Suspension: Independent trailing arm with Lovells springs and Lovells shock absorbers

Brakes: 12in drum with offroad magnets

Wheels: 16in alloy with Koyo bearings and laser level wheel alignment

Fresh water :2x120L poly tanks

Grey water: 1x80L grey

Awning: 4.5m wind-out with anti-flap bars and canvas annexe

Battery: 2x200Ah Enerdrive B-Tec lithium with Enerdrive Combi 3000W AC transfer inverter with integral 100A charger, Enerdrive 40A MPPT solar controller, Enerdrive 40A DC-DC charger, and Enerdrive Epro Plus battery monitor

Solar: 4x150W

Cooking: Four-burner gas cooktop

Air-conditioner: Webasto Cool Top Trail 24

Heating: Eberspacher Airtronic D2L AS3 diesel heater

Gas: 2x9kg gas bottle holders with additional bayonet on drawbar

Bike rack: No

Sway control: Optional

Refrigeration: Dometic NRX110L (with external 95L Evakool Down Under Series II dual-zone fridge/freezer

Microwave: 23L NCE Microwave

Shower: Yes (with ‘Kickass’ shower tent also provided for the external shower)

Toilet: Thetford C400 cassette toilet

Washing machine: No

Lighting: LED

Hot water: Truma Aquago instantaneous

Entertainment: Furrion head unit and 24in smart TV

Dust reduction: Dometic DRS