Caravan Review: Hike RV Amore Ultra 22ft 6in

It’s big. It’s different. It’s the 22ft 6in Amore Ultra by Hike RV. This offroad warrior even has an air-fryer…


There’s a new caravan manufacturer on my radar: Hike RV. Let me explain. Hike RV is a reasonably new caravan manufacturer; however, the team behind the company has more than 12 years of experience in caravan manufacturing. It was, therefore, with some curiosity that I climbed aboard one of the company’s most popular models: the 22ft 6in tandem-axle Amore Ultra.

Would this be a run-of-the-mill caravan whacked together with meranti timber and a predictable layout? Or would Hike RV’s rigs prove to offer more than the many garden-variety vans pumped out of Campbellfield, Vic?

Hike RVI hoped for something substantial, something different. Did the Hike RV Amore Ultra deliver? Read on…


Hike RV offers three model tiers: Hiker (base), Terrain (mid-tier), and Ultra (top-end). Each tier provides a different level of features and equipment, including the framing material. In the case of the Amore Ultra, it is 25mm riveted aluminium studs clad with composite aluminium and black checkerplate, while the floor is a special honeycomb structure which, aside from the strength factor, helps to reduce weight in the van.

Hike RVIt is built upon a substantial 14in Raptor-coated truss chassis by Al-Ko. The Raptor coating, of course, provides protection against rust and chipping, etc. Further, the underside is very well protected. Sheets of checkerplate have been fixed to the chassis rails to guard against debris flicked up by the wheels, etc., and that’s a huge tick in this van’s favour.

You’ll also find recovery points towards the rear, three fresh water tanks of 110L each, and even a grey water tank. Given this van had Hike RV’s premium Ultra pack, it even rode on Level 4 Cruisemaster ATX air-bag suspension, allowing you to level out the van on uneven sites, and adjust the ride height at the push of a button.

Hike RVUp front, Hike RV has eschewed the typical checkerplate storage box on the A-frame in favour of a much more attractive box fabricated from powder-coated sheet metal. It is much more in keeping with this van’s aesthetic in comparison to checkerplate. The box contains two 9kg gas cylinders and a slide-out tray either side.

Across the back, Hike RV has given the van a firewood carrier and a couple of jerry can holders, while front and rear LED light bars are also provided, as are nearside anti-insect lights.

Hike RVBut what about this van’s 12V system? As part of the Ultra pack, the Hike RV Amore is given 300Ah of lithium battery power and 660W worth of roof-mounted solar, with everything managed by the onboard BMPRO BatteryPlus35 HA BMS – it’s a good setup; however, an inverter isn’t provided in the Ultra pack, so if free-camping is on your agenda then you’d want to add one at the time of purchase.

The van has two tunnel storage systems, with one up front and one towards the rear. Combined with the box on the A-frame, the 22ft 6in Amore certainly has sufficient external storage capacity.

Hike RVOverall, it’s hard to fault the exterior. It conveys a sense of strength and purpose – I wouldn’t have any concerns about towing it on the offroad terrain it is designed for. I think it’d happily stand up to some punishment.


The Hike RV Amore Ultra had one of the most appealing interiors that I have seen in some time. The brown colour scheme seen here might not be for everyone and yes, a full colour scheme is available. But the the layout is very well balanced, and there are a number of interesting touches that you won’t find on most vans.

Hike RVThe main living quarters incorporate a spacious club lounge surrounded by overhead lockers, a kitchen with angled bench top, a bench on the offside and a 224L Dometic three-way fridge. Interestingly, Hike RV has given the Amore Ultra an air-fryer instead of a microwave. It draws about 1600W, so without an inverter you won’t be able to use it off-grid, which is one reason I’d opt for one at the build stage, but the same goes for a microwave (albeit with less power draw).

Hike RVAnd then there’s the large niche in the forward kitchen wall. This cutout is designed to accommodate a 28in flatscreen TV provided in the Ultra pack, and all connection and mounting points are provided. I loved the idea of the TV being recessed neatly out of the way – brilliant stuff. I also loved the waterfall benchtop – it adds to the premium feel of this interior.

Moving towards the front, you’ll find a split bathroom, with a large shower on the nearside and toilet and wash basin on the offside. This bathroom also incorporates a 3.2kg top-loading washing machine, mirrored cabinet and more. Much like the rest of the interior, it’s hard to fault.

Hike RVThat leaves the bedroom, which is positioned in the front. It’s a full queen-size island bed complete with large bedside drawers and wardrobes; however, the standout features are obvious: two attractive niches within the corner cupboards at the foot of the bed, and a vertical light panel incorporating a strip of LEDs within the void between the bedroom wall and shower to act as a night light.

I was informed that on future models, the cupboard cutouts would be given a railing to prevent objects from falling out when under tow, and that the LED strip for the light panel would be offset in order to reduce the amount of illumination at night time.

Hike RVI’ve only scratched the surface of the detail within this van. For example, there are piano hinges on each locker door, a metal trim finishing all edges, LED strip lighting above all overhead lockers, filtered drinking water and a great deal more.


From the unique interior details to the layout and overall rigidity, the 22ft 6in Hike RV Amore Ultra carries a great deal of appeal, but it isn’t a light weight. Our model had a Tare of 2940kg and an ATM of 4500kg. That said, paired with the right tow vehicle, I don’t think this van would let you down. It is built upon a very firm foundation, uses quality components from leading suppliers, and the fitout doesn’t disappoint.


FIT AND FINISH – 4 out of 5 stars

LAYOUT – 5 out of 5 stars

INNOVATION – 4 out of 5 stars


  • Niche for 28in TV, bedroom cutouts and light panel
  • Air-fryer instead of a microwave and traditional oven
  • Excellent water storage capacity
  • Truss chassis and overall rigidity of the build
  • Given the nature of the van, I’d add an inverter – at least 3000W


Overall length: 9.2m

External body length: 6.9m

External width: 2.5m

Travel height: 3.2m

Internal height: 2m

Tare: 2940kg

GTM: 4300kg

ATM: 4500kg

Unladen ball weight: 210kg

Frame: 25mm riveted aluminium

Cladding: Composite aluminium and checkerplate

Coupling: DO45

Chassis: 14in Al-Ko truss chassis

Suspension: Level 4 Cuisemaster air-bag

Brakes: 12in electric

Wheels: 16in alloy

Fresh water: 3x110L

Grey water: 1x110L

Awning: Manual roll-out

Battery: 2x150Ah lithium with BMPRO BatteryPlus35 HA BMS and Trek display

Solar: 660W

Air-conditioner: Gree 3500 reverse-cycle

Gas: 2x9kg

Bike rack: No

Sway control: No

Cooking: Swift Mini Grill four-burner cooktop with griller

Refrigeration: 224L three-way Dometic

Microwave: No – air-fryer provided instead

Shower: Separate fibreglass cubicle (external shower also provided)

Toilet: Cassette

Washing machine: 3.2kg top-loader

Lighting: LED

Hot water: Swift 28L gas-electric

Entertainment: 28in flatscreen TV; internal Fusion sound system; external Fusion sound panel; internal and external speakers

Range starts from $86,990