Review: OptiVAN RV Protection

So you’re buying a new van. Great! Now, let’s talk about a product, OptiVAN, that will ensure it remains looking like new for years to come...


Alongside a house and cars, a new caravan represents one of life’s big purchases. It also represents a lifestyle, something to aspire to, to keep us motivated in our lives. It makes sense, then, that we’d want to protect that investment, to give it the best possible chance of remaining in as-new condition for as long as possible.

As in the automotive industry, there are a few options when it comes to protective coatings for caravans, motorhomes and campers. One of these is OptiVAN, a graphene ceramic surface protection specifically for caravans, campers and motorhomes that has been independently tested to 9H+ on the Mohs mineral hardness scale with an average thickness of seven to nine microns.

A special interior and exterior treatment is used, and OptiVAN also sells a special detailing spray.

For reference, 1 is the hardness equivalent of talc, and 10 is the equivalent of diamond. According to OptiVAN, the ‘+’ refers to the fact it tested beyond a 9. The upshot: this seven to nine-micron-thick 9H+ graphene ceramic coating is ‘almost’ as scratch-resistant as diamond and two to three times thicker than other ceramics available. I wouldn’t mind that protecting the finish of my next RV.


OptiVAN is not a DIY treatment. It is applied by professionals before the van is handed over to customers – much like in the automotive industry. In fact, the company behind OptiVAN, Protection Brands, is one of the principal suppliers of protective coatings to some of the biggest names in transport, from Boeing to Mercedes-Benz, Qantas to Mazda. However, OptiVAN is also suitable for second-hand vans and has agents around the country.

But what, exactly, does it do? Ultimately, it’ll protect all exterior and interior surfaces from stains, UV and other environmental damage, oxidisation, discolouration, and much more. If you’ve ever tried to scrub bug guts off the front of your van after a trip, or berry-splatter that has caked on the aluminium, you’d know what a joy it would be to be able to clean the van with nothing more than soap, water and a wipe. Insect and other matter can be quite acidic, too, which over time will diminish the exterior finish.

A special applicator is used.

As mentioned, this ceramic coating contains graphene. This isn’t just a fancy word to make the product sound advanced. Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms that is much – much – stronger than the strongest steel, making it a very important component of OptiVAN. Think of it as a super-material with applications that are still being discovered and imagined in industries from electronics to space travel.

A typical treatment of OptiVAN includes all main exterior surfaces, with some exceptions such as the tyres and chassis components. But all wall panels (front, sides, rear and roof), checkerplate panels – including checkerplate storage boxes – windows, locker doors, solar panels and tail-lights are covered.

A different formula is used inside for things like leather or fabric dinettes, benchtops and shower doors; however, the exterior coating is used for some surfaces, like glossy overhead cupboard doors, at the judgement of the professional doing the treatment.


We were given the opportunity to observe as OptiVAN reps applied the graphene ceramic surface protection to a van at Wonder Roo Caravans. It was interesting to learn that the coating cures in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days.

The OptiVAN coffee test doesn’t lie!

An interesting – and rather convincing – demonstration occurred when a piece of card with one section treated with OptiVAN and one section untreated was dunked into a cup of black coffee. Immediately, the untreated section was coffee-stained beyond recovery. The treated section, however, wiped immediately clean with not a drop of that liquid gold to be seen. It was easy to imagine the relief I’d feel if, in my caravan, coffee or wine was splashed on the fabric dinette if it was treated with this stuff.

We also splashed mud on an exterior wall that hadn’t been treated, and one that had. The untreated side collected the mud instantly. On the treated side, it slide straight off, and what remained hosed away instantly. While the mud wasn’t left to fully dry, it was enough to convince me of the effectiveness of the product, especially after speaking with numerous caravanners who have purchased the treatment for their vans.

Finally, the warranty: OptiVAN covers the coating for the life of the van. It is fully transferable should the van be sold, no ongoing inspections are required, and the van doesn’t have to be registered for it to be valid.

This is a job for the professionals!

We spend tens of thousands of dollars on our caravans, so why wouldn’t we spend that little extra to ensure it remains in the best possible condition? Not only will it guard all surfaces against scratches with a coating almost as hard as diamond, it’ll protect it from various kinds of environmental fallout, bird and bat droppings, road grime and staining, while making it so much easier to clean on the weekend. And let’s face it: a caravan that’s been kept looking like new will fetch a much higher resale price.

To enquire about having OptiVAN applied to your van, phone Sheri McEntee on 0404 599 738 or email Quote GoRV2024 to receive a special 50 per cent discount (terms, conditions and limits apply) of the RRP as well as a free Delux Wash Kit, a Detailing Spray and a Citrus Multipurpose Interior Cleaner. Combined, this offer represents thousands of dollars in savings.

OptiVAN is partnering with caravan, camper and RV manufacturers and dealers nationally. Contact Adam Camilleri on 0499 701 743 or to find out how you can become an OptiVAN dealer.

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