New South Wales Caravan Registration Cut

The Australian Caravan Club welcomes news of a reduction in the cost to register a caravan in New South Wales.

caravan registration
Australian Caravan Club chairman Craig Humphrey.

The Australian Caravan Club (ACC) has welcomed news of a 40 per cent reduction in the motor vehicle tax on caravans and camper trailers in New South Wales, but cautions that high registration fees are not the only issue affecting caravanners in that state.

The caravan registration reduction announcement was made on June 9 by New South Wales treasurer Dominic Perrottet. It applies to private owners of caravans and camper trailers that weigh up to 4.5 tonnes, and comes into effect on November 1.

ACC chairman Craig Humphrey said that the caravan registration reduction would be appreciated by families, pensioners and self-funded retirees.

“Our club also acknowledges that New South Wales has some of the most generous registration provisions for pensioners in any state. Anyone even on a part pension receives free registration for one vehicle each year.

“However, our club questions what the New South Wales government is doing to align the state with other states such as Victoria when it comes to setting registration fees on caravans and camper trailers.

“Compared to other states, the New South Wales registration fee for private caravan owners is over-priced, placing an unfair burden on caravanners.”

Mr Humphrey believes the New South Wales Government also needs to focus on improving the number of roadside rest areas as well as the allocated space available in rest areas for RVs.

“We have truckies and RVers vying for space in rest areas. Some of the angst that is arising between truckies and vanners at rest stops is the result of inadequate space and number of rest areas currently available for RVers along New South Wales highways.

“While RVers acknowledge that truckies operate on a time schedule and must have regulatory rest stops, RVers too need fatigue management.

“If the New South Wales Government is serious about helping caravanners, then they need to improve the availability and size of roadside rest areas to accommodate the travelling RVer for overnight stays and fatigue management.”


  1. Government need to seriously look at more overtaking lane across NSW and Vic. In SA they are every few kilometers and makes travelling so much safer because you know just ahead not to far the will be an overtaking lane coming up. Get in the left lane and clear the traffic. “Common Sense”
    Less for Rego’s is a great thing.

  2. Fantastic .Will ACT Barr follow suit as promised and tie rates to NSW. Probably not he will have some excuse not to so ACT will remain the most expensive state in Australia . If the toll for traveling on ACT roads with a caravan were introduced we would be the most expensive in the world for traveling about 25 km or less which all it take to get out of the ACT.

  3. These are the rip off prices in the ACT. NO discount for us.
    From 976 kg to 1,154 kg – $292
    From 1,155 kg to 1,504 kg – $327.30
    From 1,505 kg to 2,499 kg – $464.40
    From 2,500 kg to 2,504 kg – $699.70
    From 2,505 kg to 2,794 kg – $699.70

  4. I think this Government of NSW has done a very good job of reducing Rego by 40% a very good start for us Caravaners and maybe rest stops later which are important as well, but one thing at a time rest stops will come later the G overnment will do them in time, appreciate what we just got re Rego and be happy.

  5. I’m very happy with the announcement of the 40% Rego discount as I know a lot of seniors were forgoing insurering their second most important accent there vans due to how expensive Rego is.

    Robbie Ambrose.

  6. Why can’t Queensland Government do the same. Rego on caravans here is ridiculous we don’t even get a decent reduction on our Car rego. Well done NSW.