Cruisemaster’s New All Terrain Brakes

Cruismaster has launched a new electric braking system for trailers.


Cruisemaster has added electric brakes to the line-up of products, including trailer suspension and hitches, that it supplies the Australian RV industry.

Cruisemaster says its All Terrain Electric Brakes have been in testing since 2016, having tackled various terrains around the country, from Fraser Island to the Telegraph Track.

One set of brakes even completed a lap of Australia, including a week of off-road durability testing at the Australian Automotive Research Centre, Vic, proving grounds.

The new brakes have extended brake lines that allow electrical joins to be made in less exposed locations. Future development will allow fitment of quick-connect plugs for easy installation.

Both 10in and 12in versions will be available as part of the Cruisemaster suspension ranges, individually for spares and maintenance, and in bulk for repairers and manufacturers. A range of spares will also be available for these brakes.