Kokoda Caravans Tribute – Take A Peek!

Your RVs: This Tribute by Kokoda Caravans has been extensively fitted out for long-haul touring, as Lionel Mussell discovered.

Kokoda Caravans
Graeme and Allana did a lot research before deciding on the Kokoda Tribute.

When Graham and Allana came to stay with me at my Australian Caravan Club Farm Stay, I thought their Kokoda Caravans Tribute looked a bit special. It wasn’t until I’d shared happy hour with them for a couple of evenings that I found out just how special it was.


Graham is a stickler for details – probably because he was involved as a financial broker for many years with a district taking in all of southern New South Wales. In those days he clocked up about 100,000km every six months and changed the company car twice a year.

The detailed research they did before deciding on this Kokoda Caravans Tribute took about two years, during which time they visited caravan shows and dealers yards with long lists of questions. From these inspections and the answers they had received, they knew exactly what they wanted and how much it would cost to get a van with the specifications to satisfy all their needs.

Kokoda Caravans
The Kokoda Caravans Tribute pairs well with the 200 Series Land Cruiser.

Allana says the van is even better fitted out than their home in Goulburn, Vic! Having done the guided tour I must admit that I couldn’t think of anything they could get to improve the van.

They specified the height of the queen-sized bed and the headroom of the van. Under the lift-up bed, with its huge storage area, they have a diesel heater and to save any chance of damage, Graham has put a protective cover over it. They told me the heater is fantastic – it can raise the temperature from a chilly 7°C to a cosy 20°C in less than a half hour.


I thought the A-frame looked a bit longer than usual and Graham explained that they had specified a longer drawbar for stability and to make room for an extra spare wheel for the Land Cruiser for when they ventured offroad. A couple of jerry can holders let them add to their range when needed.

Kokoda Caravans
Spare wheel mount on the drawbar.

Because stones on unsealed roads and tracks can do damage to water tanks, etc., under the van, Graham has put a substantial flap under the front of the van and other stone deflectors to guard the three water tanks and the grey water tank. There is a separate drinking water tank as well.

Kokoda Caravans
The heater’s fuel tank is on the rear bumper.

At the back, with two spare wheels on the bumper, they had an extra support fitted. The tank for the diesel heater fuel lives back here and there’s an outside hot and cold shower.

The huge tunnel boot runs right across the van and there’s a light at both sides. A Weber Baby Q lives in there among other things, and sits on a drop-down table when ready for use. A gas bayonet for the barbie is close at had.


Another hatch reveals provision for the telly to be used outside and there’s a 240V and a 12V outlet inside the hatch – very handy for charging mobile phones and things.

Yet another drop-down table is handy for outdoor picnicking under the large awning, which comes complete with walls and privacy screens.

Completing the outdoor hatches is a generator storage area that also doubles as a storage for hoses and leads.


The telly, of course, is on a swivel bracket that allows viewing from in bed or from the seats. There’s an extra double-glazed hatch for extra light and ventilation augmenting a Four Seasons hatch over the bed.

Allana at the dinette inside the Kokoda Tribute.

The windows are also double-glazed and have a clever blind arrangement that allows full screen or partial screening as suits.

The kitchen has a full oven and cooktop with three gas burners and one electric hob. There’s plenty of bench space and the ample cupboards and walls are nicely finished in white.

There’s a full-height AES fridge-freezer, and a spacious shower and the toilet are found at the back of the van – and even a washing machine as well.

The dinette table folds up out of the way when not in use and there are a couple of small cupboards in the wall under the table. There’s also 240V and 12V outlets in there so it’s easy to use laptops or tablets on the table.


There’s mood lighting inside, an outside lamp near the door and probably a lot of things I’ve missed, such as the powered TV antenna that doesn’t have to be wound down for travelling and the solar panels on the roof, plus the folding extra panels under the bed.

Kokoda Caravans
Heaps of storage space under the bed.

Graham and Allana are set-up for a great travelling lifestyle and I wish them well as they continue their adventures. By the way, did I tell you that Allana is practising towing the van on a five-acre block they own near their home?