Win This Jayco JTrak TRX Tent Trailer!

Who wants to win a Jayco JTrak TRX Tent Trailer? We have one to give away to one lucky reader as part of GoRV's Giant Jayco Giveaway!


It’s light and effortless to tow. It has a forward-fold design. It’s the Jayco JTrak TRX tent trailer, and it could be yours.

Jayco launched the JTrak range about 18 months ago, with a couple of variants on offer, the TRX and OBX. For many years – decades, actually – Australia’s largest RV manufacturer has offered Australian RVers a choice of every style of RV possible, with one exception: a tent trailer.

Jayco JTrack
The forward-fold Jayco JTrak TRX.

The company was founded in 1975 on the construction of the Songbird, a camper trailer with pull-out beds either end, and an entire range of this style of RV remains on offer.

But the development of the JTrak marked the first time – at least to my memory – that Aussies could buy an honest-to-goodness tent trailer with the Jayco badge.

And we are absolutely thrilled to have one to give away.


Jayco JTrack
Who wouldn't want to win this Jayco JTrak?

The blacktop-touring JTrak TRX is a forward-fold design. This means the ‘lid’ of the trailer is hinged at the front and folds forward, over the drawbar, to create an elevated double bed surrounded by canvas – in the case of the JTrak, it’s a high-density foam mattress that is very comfortable.

Jayco JTrak

The forward bed can even be closed off thanks to a zippered canvas flap, which is rolled up, out of the way, when not in use.

The rear section (the main tub of the trailer) is home to a large club-lounge dinette with portable, height-adjustable table. With its legs collapsed, the table forms the base of a massive second bed for two people – it’s just a matter of fitting a couple of the backrest cushions. Easy.

Jayco JTrak

To set-up the JTrak, you’ll first need to undo the over-centre catches that secure the lid of the trailer, attach the strap of the manual winch that’s mounted to the drawbar to the hook at the rear of the lid, and then attach the strap of the rear winch to the hook at the front of the lid. When it’s time to tow the JTrak, the rear winch can be removed by undoing a couple of bolts.

Jayco JTrak
One person can set-up the Jayco JTrak TRX but it's easier with two.

To open the lid, you’ll need to wind the front winch, making sure there is enough slack in the rear winch strap. The idea is use the front winch to get the lid to its pivot point (vertical, more or less) before winding it securely the rest of the way down using the rear winch.

It is certainly possible for one person to do this job, but it’s much quicker with two. Closing the lid is, essentially, the reverse of this procedure.

Jayco JTrak
Internal storage cupboard and 12V powerpoint.

With the lid open, it’s time to step inside (the door has a neat flip-down step) and extend the curved tent poles that give the tent its shape, and then fit and extend the horizontal tent poles, which help to tension the 10oz canvas.

If you’re so inclined, you can then step outside with the requisite tent poles to set-up the window awnings – each awning requires three separate poles, which are provided.


Like most camper/tent trailers, the emphasis is on outdoor living and cooking. While no kitchen is provided inside, Jayco has fitted a stainless steel slide-out unit to the rear-nearside. This kitchen is comprised of a sink with tap, a three-burner cooktop, cutlery drawer, and a stainless steel bench extension.

Jayco JTrak
Slide-out kitchen is standard.

A large drawer is provided towards the front to house a portable fridge – an 80L unit would easily fit here – while more slide-out storage is provided on the offside. You’ll also find an offside hatch for access to a 12V control panel with switches to isolate the 12V circuits – the fridge, the lights and power sockets (there is a 12V point both inside and outside). A water level indicator for the onboard 65L water tank is also fitted here.

Jayco JTrak
Jerry can holder fitted to the drawbar.

A locker door is fitted to the rear-offside for access to the small storage area here.

Being an on-road rig, rather than an offroader, the JTrak TRX is equipped with beam-axle leaf-spring suspension and a fixed 50mm ball coupling, not to mention a spare wheel mounted to the rear. There is a single 9kg gas cylinder on the nearside of the drawbar, along with a 20L jerry can holder on the offside.

Jayco JTrak
It's lightweight and very easy to tow.

In terms of 12V power, the trailer comes as standard with a 100Ah deep-cycle battery, a built-in battery management system, and a charger so you can replenish the battery when plugged into 240V power.

For outdoor living, the JTrak can also be equipped with Jayco’s exclusive inflatable annexe (sold separately and not part of this promotion).


You’ve read the brief run-down on what the Jayco JTrak TRX is and what it has to offer, so why not get your entry in? This rig is light, easy to set-up and will give its winner many years of camping memories. Someone in Australia is going to win it – and it could be you! So enter now!


Overall length: 4.8m

Travel width: 1.9m

Travel height: 1.45m

Tare: 991kg

GTM: 1293kg

ATM: 1400kg

Unladen ball weight: 107kg

* These weights pertain to the JTrak TRX pictured – individual weights may vary

Canvas: 10oz (one-piece, double-stitched)

Coupling: 50mm ball

Chassis: RHS hot-dipped-galvanised steel

Suspension: Single-axle leaf-spring

Brakes: 10in electric

Wheels: 14in alloy

Fresh water: 1x65L

Annexe: Inflatable Jayco-exclusive annexe (optional – not included)

Battery: 100Ah deep-cycle

Solar: No

Gas cylinders: 1x9kg

Jerry cans: 1x20L holders

Sway control: No

Cooking: Slide-out kitchen with sink and water; three-burner cooktop

Refrigeration: Slide-out provided for portable fridge

Shower: No

Lighting: LED

Hot water: No



NSW: LTPS/20/44135

ACT: TP 20/00811

SA: T20/712

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