Review: RVsecure PlatinumX RV Alarm System

A new alarm system for RVs, the RVsecure PlatuniumX, has hit the market...

The control module can be mounted anywhere, but it will need to be wired to the house battery.

There are plenty of reasons to consider an alarm system for your caravan. After all, your house probably has an alarm, so why not your house on wheels?

A new Australian-made product has hit the market. The RVsecure alarm system is a comprehensive package utilising local technology. In a nutshell, it is comprised of numerous wireless sensors that can be fitted to the doors of the van you’d like to secure, as well as an internal motion detector.

The control module can be mounted anywhere, but it will need to be wired to the house battery.

The RVsecure system is available in four variants, with one designed specifically for motorhomes. The PlatinumX is the top-of-the-range system and it comes with everything you need to get going.


The heart of the RVsecure PlatinumX system is the control unit with LCD display. This can be fitted wherever is most convenient; however, it will be wired to the van’s battery so that’s worth considering when choosing the mounting location.

The box also includes one ‘safeGuard’ passive infrared (PIR) sensor to fit inside the van. This sensor will detect motion and sound the alarm if activated.

One of the wireless sensors that come with the RVsecure kit.

There’s also a Reed switch for use on the caravan’s entry door, boot lid, etc. If these switches are tripped when activated, the alarm will sound.

The siren, which comes with the kit, is particularly loud, as we discovered when being shown the RVsecure PlatinumX by customer Paul Weiss. He had fitted this system to his Crusader and was very pleased with the functionality.

In addition to the siren, a blue strobe light is supplied with the PlatinumX. This provides a visual reference that the alarm has been activated, which might be useful in holiday parks or for people who are hearing impaired.

Further, the kit comes with two key remotes, allowing you to activate or disarm the system as necessary.

A key benefit of the RVsecure system is the ability to easily add more sensors. For example, you might want to protect the contents of your A-frame-mounted toolbox, or the rear tunnel boot. There are additional PIRs, Reed switches as well as a vertical door sensor (exclusive to RVsecure) that can be added, as well as a single wired circuit if you want to go with PIN switches. 

Now, RVsecure is not just an alarm system. If someone tries to hitch up the van and make off with it when it is activated, the system will lock the electric brakes of the van, meaning it simply can’t be towed away. The sensitivity of this feature is adjustable, since no two vans are the same.


RVsecure has three different modes: normal, silent (no siren on activation, only strobe) or night. Night mode is especially useful as it disables the internal PIR and motion detector while the other sensors remain armed. That way, you can fall asleep knowing that the external hatches, etc., are protected, without accidentally tripping the internal sensors.

The strobe light provides a good visual reference when the alarm has been activated.

There’s a couple other features worth mentioning: the RVsecure has a built-in digital level, which means you can level your van on site without the aid of, say, a spirit level. Very clever. There’s also a ‘panic button’. This works whether the system is armed or not. Simply press the panic button and the siren will sound and the strobe light will activate.

The hardware required for installation is also supplied. This includes a pigtail wiring loom and two 30A relays and crimp connectors.


Finally, RVsecure is GPS-compatible. An optional ‘plug-and-play’ 4G GPS communications hub is available and it’s simply a matter of finding somewhere in the van to mount it, connecting it to the RVsecure control box, and fitting the antennas.

The GPS hub has a battery back-up, and the system will alert you if power to the system is cut, while continuing to track the location of the van. It updates every three hours but shifts to live tracking when towing is detected. The van’s owner can track the location of the van online and via an app. It will even send SMS, email and app notifications to your smartphone.


RVsecure is one of the most comprehensive RV alarm systems that we have seen and, price wise, it’s competitive. The top-end PlatinumX system retails for $699; however, you’d need to factor in installation costs if you are not confident in doing it yourself. The optional GPS communications hub costs $300 and tracking subscriptions start at $100 per year.

For that you get an all-in-one RV security solution – and let’s not forget, you can expand the system with additional sensors to cover up to 16 ‘zones’ in total. When you consider the cost of the van and the enjoyment it gives you, it seems like relatively cheap peace of mind.

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