JHub Gets Even Smarter

Jayco vans built in 2019 can now be controlled by a special JHub app.


Our TVs, our sound systems and even our houses… for many of us, they’re all controlled by an app on our smartphone. Welcome to the 21st century.

It was only a matter of time before this level of smart technology found its way into caravans. I’m talking Jayco. Specifically the fact that the BMPRO JHub RV control system in 2019 model Jayco vans can now be controlled by an app — also developed by BMPRO — on any smartphone.

The JHub is a wireless tablet-style control panel available in Jayco caravans. It contains specialised software that ‘centralises’ most electronic features and functions of the van, allowing the owner to remotely operate the lights, the slide-out (if applicable), monitor water levels and more. If you ask it nicely, it’ll perhaps even make you a coffee.

While the coffee part is probably still a few years away, the intelligent JHub app allows users to perform all functions of the tablet — from turning on the bedroom lights to checking the status of the onboard battery — from their smartphone. And yes, these same functions can still be performed on the supplied tablet.

How it works: the user pairs their device with the Control Node CN102 via Bluetooth. This Control Node sits beside the J35 power management system and is supplied standard with all 2019 Jayco’s which have a J35C or J35D. It will also work with a J35A and J35B if optioned with a CN102. The JHub can pair with up to five devices at one time.

The new app will only pair with the Control Node 102 — JHub-fitted Jaycos built before 2019 will have a Control Node 101 or 101T. A CN102 can be retrofitted but we’re told that van owners should consult their Jayco dealer to find out what’s involved.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play store.

I wonder what BMPRO is working on now. Fingers crossed it’s that coffee idea.

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