Ezytrail Welcomes Vaccine Mandate

Ezytrail Camper Trailers, one of Victoria's most prominent RV industry players, has given the Victorian vaccine mandate the thumbs up.

Ezytrail is the manufacturer of the unique Winton 18 caravan.

The Victorian government’s announcement that all authorised workers – which includes RV manufacturers – must be fully vaccinated against covid-19 by November 26 in order to keep working has been welcomed by Ezytrail Camper Trailers.

“Ezytrail was happy to see the Victorian state government taking a leading position on mandating authorised workers to be vaccinated,” Ezytrail’s Dean Porter told GoRV. “We currently are open for production, with a stringent covid-safe plan in place, as authorised workers.”

At the time of writing in early October, Mr Porter said that more than 80 per cent of Ezytrail’s production staff had already been vaccinated.

“The decision for our production staff to be vaccinated was made purely out of their own choice,” he said. “Ezytrail has no official position on mandatory vaccination, other than a clear government-based mandate that removes the muddy waters many business’ would face, and stress from staff, had there not have been a mandate.

“Once our retail outlets are able to open up and return to normal business operations, we may face another round of undue stress on staff as we navigate through these unprecedented circumstances – I feel guidance is required from all sectors of our society.”