New CFX3 Portable Fridge/Freezer

Dometic, one of Australia's largest suppliers to the RV industry, has launched the next generation in its popular CFX series, the CFX3. One even features an ice-maker!


Dometic has launched the next generation of its portable CFX series fridge/freezer, the CFX3. And within the line-up, there is even a model equipped with a world-first ice-maker.

“The Dometic CFX3 achieves impressive energy-efficiency,” Dometic says.

According to Dometic, the most recent version of its proprietary Variable Motor Speed Optimisation (VMSO3) technology also ensures the fridge has optimal compressor speed.

Among its features, the fridge includes an enhanced user interface, easy to open latches, heavy-duty yet lightweight construction, improved LED lights, and solid anchors to secure the unit in vehicles.

“At the same time, the CFX3 retains the ruggedness that outdoor adventurers require while on their journeys,” Dometic says.

CFX3The electronics have also been upgraded, with the fridge series now equipped with Bluetooth and wi-fi remote-control functionality. Having both Bluetooth and wi-fi means a more reliable connection and the opportunity to use less energy, according to Dometic.

The fridge also now has a more powerful USB charger. In addition, the new control panel is certified as weatherproof.

It is available in six variants, from the CFX3 35 to the top-end CFX 95. The Dometic CFX3 55IM, meanwhile, comes with a single-zone fridge/freezer that has a dedicated section for an ice-maker inside, with ice-trays that can create ice while running the main compartment as a fridge.



  • CFX3 35: $1249
  • CFX3 45: $1349
  • CFX3 55: $1499
  • CFX3 55IM: $1649
  • CFX3 75: $1849
  • CFX3 95: $1949

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