Create Your Van’s Weight


Winnebago Australia has launched what could be a first for the Australian caravan industry: the ability for buyers to ‘create their weight’.

No, we’re not talking about waste lines or pant size; rather, ‘create your weight’ is a new program in which customers can choose the ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) of their Winnebago caravan.

Winnebago-Burke-B-External-(14)-editedwebsizeThis initiative will no-doubt be welcomed by vanners who own light-duty tow vehicles where every kilogram of towed mass counts.

Winnebago Australia certainly agrees:

We believe ‘create your weight’ will become a market‐leading option for customers whose preferences for light-weight models or increased payload dominate their purchasing decisions,”

-business development manager, Richie Fort.

Each model in Winnebago Australia’s new Burke and Mossman range will give buyers up to three different capacity options for the payload and ATM.

“For example, working with a base Tare weight of 1800kg, the new Winnebago Burke 580B offers customers a payload capacity of 300kg, 500kg or 700kg and corresponding ATM capacity of 2100kg, 2300kg or 2500kg,” Fort said.