Caravanning Coopers Creek


Open, grassy sites and a peaceful, safe river. It sounds like a perfect free camp, right?

Well, yes. Coopers Creek has a lot going for it. Nestled in a valley in the Boola Boola State Forest, about three hours east of Melbourne and a stone’s throw from Walhalla, a historic gold mining town, Coopers Creek has the makings of a top spot. If you time your trip correctly, that is.

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Arrive during peak touring times, and especially long weekends, and you’ll discover a campsite overrun with hooligans and good ol’ boys, tricked-up 4WDs revving hard and dirt bikes screaming in the distance. Rifle shots in the distance at night, drunken parties until all hours – you know the type.

Cooper Creek (which is more of a river) meanders through the campground. Visitors float about on inflated inner tubes, while 4WDers actually park their vehicles on little islands within the river, pull out their awnings and crack a coldie.

It pays to be careful in the creek, though, as it’s also a thoroughfare for 4WDs and dirt bikes.

If you prefer to camp in solitude, this is probably not the campsite for you, unless you time your stay for when everyone else is back in the office. But there’s no denying the natural beauty, not to mention the 4WD tracks and bush walks on offer.

The facilities are limited to drop toilets but fires are allowed.

Just watch out for the hooligans.

Coopers Creek campsite is within the Boola Boola State Forest. Turn off Erica-Walhalla Road onto Coopers Creek Track (2WD accessible).

Yes, pets are allowed.

Yes, fires are allowed.

Drop toilets


  1. Like how the person in the Cruiser doing the recovery had his Mrs in the front seat with a baby in her hands instead of the baby seat.With all the bouncing the baby could easily come out of her arms and possibly even fall out the window.

  2. Steve, Now I wasnt there of course, BUT, I have leaned to not believe just everything I read these days. Sometimes the perception of some do-gooders are a little exaggerated and not quite as dangerous as painted. I can only go back to my younger days when seat belts were not even IN a vehicle let alone getting kids covered in cotton wool as is the expectation these days. ??
    Perhaps the situation wasnt all that bad mate ????