Caravan Review: Goldstream Rhino 2050 RE RD

Offroad Challenge: The Goldstream Rhino 2050 RE RD stands tall and proud – for good reason.

goldstream rhino

Have you ever sold something and regretted it almost instantly? That was the case with me when I sold my Goldstream RV Gold Wing III camper. I loved that thing. It would go virtually anywhere, first behind my old 80 Series, and then my MU-X when I offloaded the Cruiser. And yes, I miss that Cruiser too. But the Goldie, well, that was one heck of a camper.

goldstream rhinoBut Goldstream’s expertise extends well beyond building campers, though I suspect the camper also holds a special place in the hearts of Goldstream RV’s owners. In any case, we had a brand new Goldstream Rhino 2050 RE RD – the ‘Rhino’ in the name refers to the top-end features package available for the van – to put through its paces on our track in Acheron. I’ll tell you what, if you’re in the market for a solid tandem-axle offroad caravan with all the trimmings, one that won’t let you down, you could do a lot worse than this rig. Let me tell you why…


First, it’s worth remembering that the team behind Goldstream RV has three decades of experience under their belts – last year was the company’s 30th anniversary. Think about that. Three decades delivering on the dreams of countless customers, and researching and improving their vans. The 2050 RE RD stands at the end of a long line of evolution.

goldstream rhinoWhen you step inside, all of that experience become evident. With the bed up front, kitchen on the nearside, a leather-upholstered dinette on the offside, and a fridge between that and the rear ensuite, it’s a classy setup. Goldstream also uses high-quality imported ply for all cabinetry, which is naturally CNC-routed to create one of the most square, millimetre-perfect finishes you’ll find in an Australia-built caravan. If you found a cabinet door out of square, or any rough edges, I’d be shocked.

The 2050 RE RD is an older model but Goldstream had tricked it up a little for sale in 2024. One of these changes involved adding more cabinets to the bathroom, which also features a wall-mounted washing machine, a cassette toilet, and I loved the black sink and matching tap ware in this van. 

The kitchen is equipped with a four-burner cooktop and a griller, but of course you can fit an oven too. The cooktop is recessed Into the bench in order to maximise workspace. 

goldstream rhinoA quick look under the mattress reveals a lot of quality BMPRO gear. There’s a ProBoost 40A DC-DC charger and a BatteryCharge60 AC-DC charger for the two 300Ah onboard lithium batteries, which are also paired to three 220W solar panels on the roof. Further, Goldstream has given this van a BMPRO Trek digital display to provide at-a-glance information concerning the levels of the water tanks and the batteries’ state of charge. And when it comes to running some AC appliances when off-grid, there’s the BMPRO PurePro 3000W inverter.

Also under the bed, you’ll find a diesel heater; however, Goldstream has sectioned off the heater unit and duct using the same 12mm ply used for the rest of the cabinetry. It’s all very neatly presented.


One thing I appreciate about Goldstream vans is the effort made to protect vulnerable components. A quick check underneath provides a case in point: the water tanks are properly shielded using checkerplate. Anything that could be shot-peened to pieces has been protected – even the freshwater tap on the A-frame is shielded.

goldstream rhinoBuilt atop a 6in chassis with Cruisemaster XT offroad suspension, the Goldstream Rhino 2050 RE RD has a meranti timber frame – Goldstream only frames its vans in timber – clad with composite aluminium. The sides are each straight as a die.

The van has a decent checkerplate storage box and two 9kg gas cylinders up front, protected by a mesh stoneguard, along with a bike rack and a large LED worklight – you’ll find another light at the rear, along with a single spare on the bumper, reversing camera and shower.

goldstream rhinoThe tunnel boot is somewhat occupied by a slide-out kitchen comprised of a small Swift slide-out barbecue and a sink with hot and cold water. It’s not the most extensive external kitchen, but it’s certainly functional. I’d be a very happy camper with this setup.


There is something almost utilitarian about this van – all Goldstreams, in truth. They are built for a purpose: genuine offroad, off-grid touring in total comfort, and I’d buy another one in a heartbeat. As for the Goldstream Rhino 2050 RE RD, there’s no doubt it would be a stalwart companion on the road. It has all the mod-cons you’re likely to need or want to get going, and it has an aggressive stance on the road, as though it’s just begging to be hauled off into the bush. Great stuff.


Tare: 2862kg

ATM: 3462kg

GTM: 3286kg

Unladen ball weight: 176kg

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