Instant Hot Water for Caravans


Truma has developed a new generation of RV instant water heaters.

The Truma AquaGo water heater features a microprocessor-controlled step-less burner management system, which allows heat to rise to and maintain 49 °C.

According to Truma, the water heater’s capacity to produce between 5.9-17.6kW of power allows it flexible, efficient and powerful heating.

The Truma Aqua measures water inlet temperatures and volume flow, adjusting its flame accordingly when heating.

The electronically-controlled burner and the temperature stabiliser will minimise temperature fluctuations, allowing continuous flow of warm water when showering, according to Truma.

The safety features include over-temperature shut down, a flame monitoring device, a low voltage sensor, and a water thermal and exhaust gas over-temperature cut-off.

Because it doesn’t use a water storage tank, the AquaGo does not have a cycle between cold to hot, which makes it energy-efficient, not to mention efficient in terms of weight; without the water tank, it saves about 22kg in water mass.

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