Why We Love Our Sirocco II Fans

They're the 'baby boomers on the road'.

There you are, away in your caravan, on one of those still, sticky nights that makes sleep difficult. No problem! Turn on the Sirocco II fan on the wall at the end of the bed. We have one each side so we can individually set the direction, the three-speed fan and the timer to either three, six, nine or even 12 hours – it’s just a matter of pressing a button on the side of the fan and an indicator light shows the timer setting.

Bruce and Marg Gow.

Take it from us, having travelled to most corners of the country, the quiet breeze from the Sirocco II fan makes sleep much easier and more comfortable.

SiroccoAs the Sirocco II fans are 12V/24V auto-sensing and draw very little power, we can use them when we are off power as well. If we are on power and have the air-conditioning on, the Sirocco II makes our air-con even more efficient by circulating the cool air through to the bedroom. This is one of our favourite features of the Sirocco II.

In our van, these very effective fans have even been used to dry off some damp clothes or help settle the smoke alarm from the burnt toast – not that that ever happens of course!

We wouldn’t be without our Siroccos and use them every trip.

They’re the ‘baby boomers on the road’.


  • The authentic Sirocco II fan features a unique gimbal design and 360° directional airflow.
  • The 12V/24V auto-sensing Sirocco II draws just 0.35A on 12V on its highest setting.
  • The Sirocco II is made in Canada.
  • It is very quiet.
  • The Sirocco II can be folded flat and out of the way against the wall when not in use.
  • New for 2023: Sirocco II is here for your journey with an extended 3-Year warranty, which includes all models in the field.
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Bruce and Marg Gow are seasoned travellers, having been on the road in their caravan for more than five years. They are originally Victorians, but prefer to call themselves Australians as they love every part of this great country. Bruce and Marg share their travel stories and ideas on our website, as well as their Facebook page, Baby Boomers on the Road.