Sizzler Barbecue Review

Cook outdoors safely and deliciously. This is the Sizzler Barbecue…


Are you tired of your old barbecue not delivering the heat you need for those perfect steaks? Perhaps you’ve discovered, as I did, that your barbecue setup is not compliant with safety regulations. If you’re an Australian caravan enthusiast, safety is paramount, especially when it comes to gas appliances. This article explores the journey I undertook to find a safe and high-performance solution for my caravan adventures…


After several years of faithful service, my Weber Q barbecue had seen better days. It struggled to reach the temperatures necessary for cooking steaks to perfection. Moreover, my insurance company alerted me to a serious issue in connecting my barbecue directly to the caravan gas supply – the Weber Q I had been using lacked the mandatory ‘flame failure’ safety device required by Australian law.

sizzler barbecueA ‘flame out’ safety feature is crucial as it ensures that if your gas barbecue’s flame is extinguished, the gas supply is immediately cut off, preventing a dangerous explosion and harm to those nearby.


In my quest for a new barbecue, I stumbled upon a local Australian company, Marine Barbecues, which designs and manufactures barbecue products with full Australian gas compliance. This company’s Sizzle barbecue caught my attention as it’s specifically designed for caravans. It easily fits into most tunnel boots and can be connected to the caravan’s gas supply via the quick-connect bayonet fitting. The Sizzler also boasts the essential Flame Out safety feature, ensuring that no gas is released if the flame blows out.

sizzler barbecueAccording to Marine Barbecues’ owner and CEO, Maurice Gilet, the Sizzler holds full Australian AGA certification and complies with all necessary Australian and New Zealand safety laws. The company’s commitment to safety is impressive, as they invested two years and more than $52,000 to re-engineer and certify the Sizzler barbecue, making it one of the safest options on the market. This dedication provides users with peace of mind when dealing with the potential dangers of gas.


You might be wondering if safety compromises performance, especially when it comes to grilling the perfect steak. Rest assured, the Sizzler brings the heat. While our old Weber was rated at less than 10,000 BTUs, the Sizzler doubles that with more than 20,000 BTUs of heat. The Sizzler also requires significantly less time to heat up; in my experience, it takes about two minutes to reach the perfect temperature for grilling thick steaks.

Crafted with quality materials, including 430-grade stainless steel, and featuring a cooking plate made of 3mm 443-grade stainless steel, the Sizzler ensures durability and excellent heat distribution. What sets the Sizzler apart is its versatility. It can seamlessly transform from a barbecue to an oven to a stove, making it the ideal solution for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The steel plate drains directly into a drip tray for easy cleaning. If you desire that charred steak flavour, you can effortlessly switch to the optional grill plate. 

sizzler barbecueThe Sizzler offers all the cooking options you need in a single small, lightweight package, perfect for caravanners on the move.


My advice to all caravan enthusiasts who connect their barbecue to the caravan gas system via a quick-release bayonet fitting is simple: ensure your barbecue has the necessary Flame Out feature and meets all Australian safety laws. Don’t risk your safety or the safety of others. It might be time to upgrade to a barbecue that’s not only legal and safe but also caters to multiple cooking needs within a compact, reliable package. In my case, I’m a lover of thick steaks, and the Sizzler cooks like no other.

The Sizzler by Marine Barbecues is the perfect solution for caravanners who want to grill safely and indulge in delicious meals during their adventures. With its compliance to safety regulations, impressive heat output, and versatile cooking options, the Sizzler is a must-have for any caravanner seeking both safety and culinary excellence.

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