ScanGauge 3 Review

The ScanGauge 3 was the first accessory that caravanner David Sajfar fitted to his new Land Cruiser 300 Series. This is why…


In the world of modern diesel and petrol vehicles, complexity intertwines with digital innovation to forge machines that propel our exploration of this great land, Australia. 

For caravaners and 4WD enthusiasts, pushing the boundaries of our vehicles’ capabilities is a thrill, but ensuring reliability is paramount. Enter the ScanGauge 3, the ultimate monitor of your vehicle’s health and performance.


Picture this: you’re amidst the vast expanse of the outback, miles away from civilisation, when your vehicle decides to throw a tantrum, leaving you stranded in a precarious situation. 

But knowing the cause of the problem and, in many situations, being able to repair or reset the error code can you out of limp mode and mobile again.

It’s scenarios like these that underline the importance of ScanGauge devices – a gadget of assurance in the unpredictable world of towing and 4WD adventures. Please note, scanning tools such as this are not suited in the diagnosis of mechanical failures. Their aim is to deal and report on the many sensors that monitor your vehicle’s complex engine vitals.


Beyond the confines of your car’s dashboard lies a wealth of information crucial for safeguarding your vehicle’s well-being. The ScanGauge 3 is a device offering real-time insights into vital parameters, ranging from transmission fluid temperatures, turbo boosts, exhaust gas temperatures and DPF status, just to name a few. This vigilance isn’t just about protection; it’s about optimising performance and even helping you adjust your diving style to conserve fuel.


As a seasoned user of the ScanGauge 2 on my trusty 2018 Land Cruiser 200 Sahara, the transition to the ScanGauge 3 following my recent acquisition of a 2024 Land Cruiser 300 was a revelation.

The enhanced interface, featuring a full touch display and customisable layouts, make for a very user-friendly experience. With its intuitive design and expanded functionality, the ScanGauge 3 offers ease of use and excellent visibility of your engine’s vital data and trip information.


Both the ScanGauge 2 and its successor, the ScanGauge 3, feature the exclusive X-Gauge feature, a game-changer in the area of real-time vehicle monitoring.

This innovative capability allows users to program manufacturer-specific gauges tailored to their specific needs, offering insights that transcend the limitations of conventional vehicle instrumentation. In a market saturated with imitations, X-Gauge stands as a testament to ScanGauge’s commitment to innovation and usefulness.


For those towing heavy loads, such as my 3.3-tonne caravan, the ScanGauge 3 becomes an indispensable ally in the quest for efficiency and safety. Monitoring transmission temperatures and optimising gear selection are paramount, ensuring that the journey is as smooth as it is economical.

With the ScanGauge 3 by my side, I can navigate the highways knowing I am always at the optimum speed and gear selection for the conditions, not overloading my engine or gearbox and providing maximum fuel efficiency. Knowing that my vehicle’s most vital systems are operating within optimal parameters is excellent peace of mind.


Whether traversing the urban landscape or conquering the rugged trails of the great outdoors, the ScanGauge series stands as a testament to the power of knowledge and preparedness. Equipping your vehicle with these indispensable companions isn’t just a matter of convenience, it’s a statement of readiness – a declaration that you’re prepared for whatever the road may throw your way.

In a world where uncertainty lurks around every corner, let ScanGauge 3 be your guiding light, illuminating the path to safer, smarter, and more exhilarating adventures on and off the beaten path.

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