Review: Ultimate9 evcX Throttle Controller

One of the best, cheapest and easiest 4WD modifications you can make is to add a quality throttle controller. Over the last few months, I have been testing the Ultimate9 evcX. Here’s the rundown…

I love my MU-X but the factory throttle settings are a bit sluggish.

What if there was a way to radically change how your vehicle responds to throttle input in less than five minutes? What if, in that time, you could set yourself up with a system that would allow you to alter the sensitivity of the throttle at the push of a button? I’m talking about throttle controllers; more specifically, the Ultimate9 evcX. No other 4WD modification that I have made has provided such an instant, noticeable difference to my driving.


First, let’s clarify something important. Throttle controllers do not increase or improve the power or torque of the engine. Instead, they tweak – or radically alter – the response of the engine to throttle input by ‘talking’ to the vehicle’s engine control unit. If you’ve not heard of throttle controllers before, they are not voodoo – they are a genuine, safe vehicle modification that 4WD owners swear by.

Launch mode provides maximum acceleration and traction.

The factory throttle setting of my 2018 MU-X is fine but not great. Like all vehicles, it is set to address the driving styles and needs of a wide range of customers. The result is therefore sometimes a vehicle that could be more responsive, or perhaps less responsive, depending on the driving conditions.

The MU-X can be a bit sluggish. Even my 17-year-old son, who is on his learner’s permit, has told me he prefers to drive his mother’s car because it is more ‘zippy’. After I installed the Ultimate9 evcX, however, his tune soon changed.

Installation is, without a word of a lie, incredibly easy. It is simply a case of unclipping the existing throttle wires from the accelerator, connecting the evcX to the same wiring harness as the existing throttle wires, and then feeding a cable up through the dash to connect to the throttle controller module. You can mount this module anywhere that’s convenient – double-sided tape is included in the kit.

Anti-Slip mode reduces the chances of wheel spin in slippery conditions, such as ice, mud and snow.

The other good news: you can change the settings of the module on the module itself, or through an app. The app connects to the module via Bluetooth and it’s very intuitive and easy to understand. No complaints here.


The evcX comes pre-installed with eight driving modes: Ultimate9, Ultimate, Launch, Adapt, Eco, Anti-Slip, Factory, and Valet. I have been driving a lot on the Ultimate9 and Launch modes – a tiny amount of throttle input on these modes translates to much faster acceleration from a standing start. The sensitivity of some of the settings, such as Ultimate and Eco, can be adjusted, too. Eco mode dampens the throttle response significantly and as such, it would be ideal for four-wheel-driving.

The app allows you to instantly alter the throttle setting to one of a number of pre-sets. Just push the button and the throttle setting will immediately change.

In wet conditions I have found that Anti-Slip mode works best. It reduces throttle response and limits RPM to help improve traction. But if, at any stage, you decide you’d prefer the original factory throttle settings, just put the evcX module into Factory mode.

Here’s another benefit: by flicking the evcX to the special ‘Lock’ mode, and removing the module when you leave the vehicle, all throttle input will be blocked, which will aid in preventing vehicle theft.

The difference the evcX has made to my humble MU-X, however, is remarkable. It feels and drives like a different vehicle. Dollar for dollar, it has to be one of the best and easiest modifications you could make to your 4WD. I am extremely happy with the Ultimate9 evcX, and when it’s time to upgrade to a different vehicle, fitting another one will be high on my list of priorities.

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