Knaus, Windsor Motorhomes Recalled

Both the Knaus and Windsor Otway motorhome have been recalled for relatively minor repairs.

The Windsor Otway, manufactured between 2022 and 2023, has been recalled for a repair to its water tank bracket.

A couple of motorhome recalls have been just announced, both relating to relatively minor issues that should be easily rectified.

The first relates to Knaus by Avan motorhomes built between 2012 and 2021. The defect involves the plastic cover for both the driver and passenger-side B pillars, which might have been fitted incorrectly and might detach from the vehicle while it is being driven.

This has been identified as a potential hazard since either panel could partially or fully detach from the vehicle, leading to an increased risk of an accident causing injury or death to road users and bystanders.

Owners of this motorhome are being advised to contact their authorised Knaus Tabbert dealership in order to have the B pill plastic covers re-installed free of charge.

The second recall relates to the Windsor Otway B class motorhome manufactured between 2022 and 2023. Due to a manufacturing defect, the water tank brackets could fail, resulting in the water tank dislodging from underneath the vehicle. Should this occur, there is an increased risk of an accident causing injury or death.

AMH Products is in the process of writing to affected owners with the request that they make an appointment with their preferred repairer to have an additional water tank bracket retrofitted, free of charge.