Flat Out Hoses: Review

Flat Out Hoses makes caravan hose that meet the highest safety standards, ensuring safe, hygienic water for your caravan.


As someone who prioritises caravan safety and hygiene, my recent discovery while fixing a leak in my hose left me shocked. I had purchased this hose several years ago at a local caravan show, believing it to be food grade.

One reason why the Flat Out Hoses product is superior to a garden-variety ‘food grade’ hose from the hardware store.

However, during my last trip, the hose developed a leak at the connection point. In an attempt to fix it, I decided to splice off a few inches and reattach the tap snap-on connection. To my surprise, I noticed small dark blotches on the inner part of the supposedly food-grade hose. This disconcerting revelation made me question the safety of our caravan water.


Prompted by this incident, I embarked on a research journey and uncovered the distinction between ‘caravan food-grade hoses’ and proper ‘caravan food-grade hoses’. Allow me to explain.

In a caravan, even when using town water, health risks arise from water that sits in the tank or in a hose. Chlorine, which is used for water treatment, evaporates after a few days, potentially allowing re-contamination of stagnant water.

The Flat Out hose can connect to the van’s town water inlet.

In my case, the food-grade hose had retained moisture during storage, leading to bacterial contamination over time. Although I thought I had drained the hose before storing it, it became evident that this was not enough to prevent bacterial growth.

I soon discovered that in Australia, there are two standards for drinking water hoses: AS2070 and AS4020. AS2070 simply indicates that the hose is made from a material considered food-grade plastic. However, no testing is conducted on the converted hose material, and no guarantees are available for long-term use.

On the other hand, AS4020 certification requires rigorous testing of the finished product, which is done in Adelaide. This testing ensures compliance with various criteria, including anti-leaching and antimicrobial properties, as well as the absence of bug-harbouring surfaces. The surface must also be UV-stabilised and must not leach plastics into the water.

During my pursuit of a safer and more practical caravan hose, I came across an outstanding Australian organisation called Flat Out Hoses. It manufactures a world-class product that adheres to the highest AS4020 safety standard, significantly reducing the risk of hose contamination. Flat Out hoses are designed with enhanced safety features. Their flexibility expels water when packing up, leaving only a minimal amount behind. By minimising the presence of air, which carries bacteria, the hose’s flat design enhances safety.

Additionally, the inner surface of the hose prevents bacterial growth, serving as a final defence against bugs.

The Flat Out Hoses product comes on a convenient reel.

According to Flat Out Hoses, its hoses are UV-stabilised, and the polyurethane used in their production is a reliable material that retains flexibility without the need for additives. This ensures that the hose remains durable and does not release plastic particles into your water supply.

Flat Out Hoses recommends thoroughly flushing any new hose before use, regardless of its variety, to eliminate manufacturing residue. The company suggests running water through the hose for a few minutes and then leaving it under pressure in the sun for a few days, releasing the stored water multiple times each day.

I am delighted with my new Flat Out Hoses purchase. I firmly believe that this hose offers an extra layer of protection against bacteria and contamination in our caravan water. Furthermore, the convenience of easily rolling up the hose during packing is truly a godsend. I have also invested in the Flat Out Sullage Hose and a spare reel for my caravan’s power lead.

Flat Out Hoses is a fantastic Australian-made product that not only enhances the safety of your caravanning water but simplifies the setting-up and packing-away process. Flat Out hoses help to ensure a worry-free and hygienic caravanning experience.

More information: www.flatoutmultireel.com.au