Bug Bite Thing ‘Heals’ Mosquito Bites

A product that ‘heals’ mosquito bites without the use of chemicals? Is this a scam? Let’s find out…


Mozzies. Nothing will ruin your trip faster than a swarm of those blood-sucking blighters. We’re all used to applying insect-repellent and slathering on a soothing gel when we are inevitably bitten anyway. I am one of those people who swell – a mozzie bite on my finger will cause the entire digit to bloat, while one on my thigh will leave a swollen, incredibly itchy spot for at least 12 hours.

So when an email about The Bug Bite Thing, a curious invention from the US, landed in my inbox shortly before Christmas, my antenna were raised. This gadget promised to make that itchy, swollen discomfort a thing of the past, without the use of chemicals.

What a scam, I thought, scrolling to the next email. But then I stopped. What if it wasn’t a scam? If it provided even a little relief from mozzie bites over Chrissy, perhaps it would be worth a try. I was skeptical and I almost relished the idea of proving wrong the promises made by this product.

the bug bite thingAnd so, with Christmas in the rearview mirror, I headed to Victoria’s Ninety Mile Beach, my usual camping spot, where the mosquitoes are large and hungry. It did not take long before The Bug Bite Thing was pressed into service…


The Bug Bite Thing, apparently, made a big splash on the US TV show Shark Tank and, for a time, became the darling of social media. Essentially, it uses suction to provide relief from the itching and swelling we all typically experience after a being molested by mozzies.

It’s a bit like a plunger. You place one end of the product over the bite, using slight pressure to create a good seal, and lift up on the handle. After holding for 10 to 20 seconds, you release the handle and, all going well, you’ll begin to feel that relief. Well, that’s the claim, anyway.

the bug bite thingOrdinarily, I would slather on the insect repellent but, for the sake of testing this product, I forewent the Aeroguard and, within minutes, my ankles, feet and forearms had become a buffet. Red marks began to show, I began to swell and itch and, in general, I was quite miserable. However, after using The Bug Bite Thing as per the instructions on the packet, I had to admit it: this thing worked. Within minutes, the itching and swelling were subsiding, and I noticed that the bites themselves healed much more quickly than they otherwise would. I’m usually scratching for days after a solid mozzie bite – not any longer.

The Bug Bite Thing (RRP: $13.99) is TGA-approved and can be used again and again. It requires no creams, ointments or chemicals. However, it is recommended not to use it on children under three, or on the face or neck. If you need to reduce the size of the suction area for use on a more awkward body part, such as a finger, just flip the end cap around.

This cap does leave behind a circular mark, caused by the suction, but that disappears quite quickly. Best results will be achieved, I found, when the product is used immediately after a bit; however, it still provided relief half an hour after being bitten, or even longer.

the bug bite thingSo often, social media offers up ‘miracle cures’ for common problems, usually promising a ‘simple trick’ to solve it. In this case, though, The Bug Bite Thing actually lives up to the hype. It will, I’m happy to say, become a permanent part of my travelling kit. For the sake of a few bucks, it’s worth it.

More info: www.thebugbitething.com.au